Spring 2017 Ed Year Learning Circle

Spring 2017 Ed Year Learning Circle

The twenty-one diaconal ministry students from coast to coast in the spring Educational & Liturgical Ministry learning circle are wrapping up their two-and-a-half weeks of intensive learning tomorrow.  They’ve been exploring things like christology, preaching, sacraments, aboriginal spiritualities, interfaith connections, and the role of the arts in ministry.

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  1. Thanduxolo Noketshe says:

    Greetings from South Africa. Grace and Peace be with you.

    I would like to attend this learning circle.

    Thank You

  2. Thanduxolo Noketshe says:

    What is the procedure for attending learning circles?

  3. Aisha says:

    I am so appreciative of the learnings I have received during my first year of the Diaconal Ministries program. So many new experiences and understandings of worldviews to ‘Spiral’ upon. My gracious Thank You to CCS and all the amazing people who make it what it is.

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