Announcing the 2017 Companion of the Centre – Linda Ervin

Linda Ervin

Announcing the 2017 Companion of the Centre – Linda Ervin

companion_pinThe Centre for Christian Studies is delighted to announce that the 2017 Companion of the Centre Award will be presented to Linda Ervin.  Linda will be introduced to the CCS community at the Graduation Banquet on March 25 and the award will be presented with the Companion award at the Annual Service of Celebration on March 26, 2017 at 2:00.

Linda Ervin will make a fine Companion of the Centre. Since her graduation from the Centre for Christian Studies in 1973, she has worked as a Diaconal Minister and has advocated tirelessly for Diaconal Ministry and the Centre for Christian Studies in the United Church and beyond. Her career has focused on a blending of CCS’s three foci, that is, on education, social ministry and pastoral care. She is a success story in CCS’s mission of “Educating leaders for justice, compassion and transformation.”

Linda Ervin

Linda Ervin, 2017 Companion of the Centre

Linda Ervin has worked in many and various congregations. An early call was to First United Church in Vancouver where she focused on social research and analysis; preparation of briefs; consultation with community development groups, government, and ecumenical partners; advocacy; appeals; conflict resolution.  Through her work on the provision of community housing, she founded the First United Church Housing Society.  This set the tone for all of her future endeavours which included setting up other housing organizations.

As minister at Kitsilano United Church, Linda worked with Jim Hillson, minister of St. James United Church to bring about the amalgamation of these two congregations.  This involved the turnover of the one church to the St. James Community Square Society, a group of community activists; the sale of the other building for development; the negotiation of a new church home in cooperation with an Anglican church; the care and nurturing of the congregations while this was happening; and at the same time giving sanctuary to  and working to help a refugee and her family to  shelter from authority and later repatriate into her new environment.  Jim says, “Linda Ervin represented the very best imagination for new innovation in how churches might interface with society”.

Linda values education.  She has engaged in continuing education for herself, earning a BA and an MA as well as certificates in Canadian Urban Training, CAPPE and Interim Ministry.  She was appointed to the faculty of St Stephen’s College in 1997 to coordinate the Master of Arts in Social Transformation Ministry Programme, and was Sessional Lecturer at the University of Alberta.   She has always found time to supervise and mentor students, many from CCS, who have found her inspirational.  She has also worked with many congregations in BC and Alberta to bring about congregational transformation as well as many committees of the United Church locally and nationally, mainly dealing with a wide range of spiritual and social justice issues.  These have taken her to many parts of Canada and to countries in the Far East.

Linda realised her dream to work overseas when she became Executive Secretary of the Japan North American Commission on Cooperative Mission, working variously in Canada, USA and Japan overseeing projects, budgets and developing public relations.

Linda was one of the founding members of Diakonia of the United Church (DUCC) in 1984 and became their secretary. She represented DUCC at Diakonia of the Americas (DOTAC) in 1996, and then became President of DOTAC and Vice President of World DIAKONIA for 8 years giving her many opportunities to travel, make connections, and to have influence in many parts of the world. She encouraged many other ecumenical partners to develop their own organisations of Deaconesses, Deacons, and Diaconal Ministers and to communicate and cooperate in working to achieve social justice goals.

It is important to recognize that these activities grow out of Linda’s great love for people and deep passion for Diaconal Ministry. Linda not only does the work of ministry, but embodies the essence of Diaconal Ministry. Diaconal Ministry is not a job but dedication to a way of life, a way of life that CCS articulates as a theology committed to justice, a life dedicated to transformational education, outreach/advocacy/social ministry, and pastoral care. Linda Ervin lives the values of CCS.

She will make an exceptional Companion of the Centre for Christian Studies.

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  1. barbara barnett says:

    Congratulations Linda. And welcome to the community of Companions!

  2. kimiko says:

    Was delighted by this news. Congratulations Linda! Remembering a lovely evening in your home last October.

  3. Helen Reid says:

    Delighted with the news. Linda has companioned many and will make a worthy Companion of the Centre.

  4. Tammy Allan says:

    Congratulations Linda! Your passion for diakonia is contagious!
    Tammy Allan

  5. Ginger Shaw says:

    Congratulations, Linda! CCS has made a worthy choice in selecting you.
    Ginger Shaw

  6. Carolynne Bouey Shank says:

    Congratulations Linda! Another diaconal minister I met in the ’70’s in Calgary in my journey of answering the call to ministry.

  7. Gordon Hunter says:

    Congratulations for this recognition of your life’s work!

  8. jim Hillson says:

    It was an honour to work with you then and an honour to congratulate you now.

  9. Sandra Bruneau says:

    Delighted to read your news, Linda! So many memories of working closely with you on city-wide problems and prospects in Vancouver especially during the late 1980’s! Your life’s work is a marvel to behold. Congratulations and warm best wishes!

  10. Donald Murray says:

    Congratulations Linda. You richly deserve to be a Companion of the Centre. I’m proud of you and of being your minister when on started on your journey.

    Don Murray

  11. Terrie Chedore says:

    This is indeed delightful news, and a richly deserved recognition of your important and influential role in the world of Diakonia. Congratulations, Linda!

  12. Keith Simmonds says:

    Way to go Linda! It’s an honour that goes both ways, in recognition of who you are and all you’ve done, and in recognition of the community that is the Centre for Christian Studies. We are honoured to be in company and companionship with you.

  13. Kelley Warner says:

    Congrats Linda…it was so good to have been with you recently. Thanks for being such an inspiration for us all.

  14. Earl Reaburn says:

    Warm congratulations, Linda, on this recognition! A wonderful tribute to your service and dedication over many years of ministry.

  15. Pam Thomas says:

    Congratulations, Linda – a well-deserved honour.

  16. Betsy Anderson says:

    Great choice. Congrats to all! Betsy Anderson

  17. LInda,
    I have long admired your vision, and ability to arpttain that vision, Congratualations!

  18. LInda,
    I have long admired your vision, and ability to attain that vision, Congratualations!

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  20. Thérèse Samuel says:

    Congratulations Linda! Your ministry continues to inspire me.

  21. D Irene Hart says:

    Wow that is wonderful Linda! Looking forward to having you back in the Okanagan soon. congratulations.

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