Volunteer Opportunities at CCS

Volunteer Opportunities at CCS

Looking for a way to get involved?  Here are some opportunities…

Note takers for Program Review Working groups

The task will involve taking notes during monthly conference calls of one of the CCS Program Review working groups, typing them up, distributing them to members electronically, and giving administrative support to the preparation of a final report.  Some groups are working now; more will begin this summer, and some will be formed as the review progresses. Many of the groups will be finished by December; some will operate throughout the winter/spring of 2017.  If you  listen carefully, take accurate notes, and are interested in being a “fly on the wall” as a group meets, contact Ann by email or at 204-783-4490.  If you know someone who might be interested, please check with them about their interest and let Ann know so she can be in touch with them.


…to track down the whereabouts of graduates CCS has lost track of.  Preference will be given to someone who can come into the Winnipeg office.  Contact Lori.

Organizer to restore order after a learning circle

When the program staff members are exhilarated and exhausted from two weeks of constant interaction during learning circles they have little energy to check that all the markers get back in the correct bin.  A volunteer to set to rights the storage cupboard and the meeting room would be great.  Learning circles are held in August, October, April, and sometimes June.  Volunteer for one or for more.  Contact David.

Note writers to write personal thank you notes periodically

This task can be done from anywhere by anyone who has legible handwriting.   Cards, addresses, and suggested wording are provided.  If this is a  thing you love to do, contact Lori.