August 2015 LDM begins

August 2015 LDM begins

Another Leadership Development Module begins today at Woodsworth House in Winnipeg, the first LDM in many years without Ted Dodd in leadership.  CCS principal Maylanne Maybee, Program staff Ann Naylor, and contracted facilitator Gwen McAllister will be accompanying the seven participants through two weeks of learning in community.

As you can see, they are already hard at work…

Actually, they’re exploring learning styles. Some take in information  best by sitting and listening, others need tactile engagement.  Some people love problem-solving and some just like to play.  Understanding that we’re all wired a little differently is an important part of learning and of leading.

Most of the participants are from British Columbia, with one from Ontario, one from Alberta, and one from Saskatchewan.  Eldon Danielson is acting as a participant/chaplain, available to provide pastoral support if needed.  Eldon is a Lutheran deacon, and so he is also paying attention to whether the CCS program might be useful for the formation of Lutheran deacons.

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  1. Lynn McGrath says:

    Great to see everyone engaged and having fun!

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