Ted Announces His Retirement

Ted Announces His Retirement

It is with both delight and dismay that we announce the retirement as of August 1, 2015 of Ted Dodd, a member of our program team since CCS moved to Winnipeg in 1998.

Ted Dodd

Ted Dodd

Ted writes, “I have been privileged to work in this dream job which combines opportunities for creative design, intellectual stimulation, spiritual reflectivity and integrated education. During this time, I have been blessed to learn with, and from, an amazing relational community of colleagues, volunteers and students. I feel most grateful for these past seventeen years. I need now to move on to the next adventure.”

Ted is a dedicated teacher of diaconal ministry who has invested time and energy into every aspect of his work. Over the years, he has contributed spirit and scholarship to his relationship with students and colleagues, rooted in his personal integrity as a teacher and learner, his innovation and creativity, and his commitment to remain current and informed in his areas of expertise and the world around him. Ted’s self-understanding as diaconal was the impetus for him to complete his studies in diaconal ministry, making him the first person in The United Church of Canada to change his order of ministry designation from ordained to diaconal.

Ted’s retirement is our great loss, but a well-earned respite for him. We will find opportunities to pay tribute to him at the Annual Service of Celebration on April 19 and other occasions as they arise. Please join the CCS community in wishing Ted the very best, with respect and blessing.

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  1. Kristin Wood says:

    I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you, Ted! All the best in your retirement!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      thanks Kristin, and I am glad to have learned alongside of you on the journey!

  2. Helen Reed says:

    Saw a picture of you the other day, Ted, and wondered for a moment (have no idea why) if you would be ready to move onto other adventures soon. Your presence at CCS has been a blessing and inspiration to many. So glad to have had you as part of my journey:)

    • Ted Dodd says:

      It must be the bags under my eyes and the grey hair. Great to have been with you as part of my journey as well.

  3. Vicki McPhee says:

    Retirement!? Can it really be so? I have been so fortunate and blessed to have you in my world Ted. Happy Retirement to you!!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Vicki, It has been great to have experienced your incredible energy and commitment, zeal for life and depth of passion.

  4. Mary Anne MacFarlane says:

    Retirement is wonderful! I’m glad to learn, Ted, that you’ll be joining us retired Diaconal folks soon. Take care – and enjoy the rest of your time at CCS.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Mary Anne, I am touched. Thank you. Your ministry of intellect and creativity, spirit and clarity has been inspiring.

  5. Deb Kigar says:

    Ted — you have been an inspiration and a delight to learn with and be with. I wish you great adventures in your well-deserved retirement.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Deb, remember the aerobics in the convent? You are a wonder of strength and energy and humour and insight. Blessed be.

  6. Ingrid Remkins says:

    Thanks for the memories, Ted. Wishing you all the best as you enter into this next adventure. Shalom.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Ingrid, all the way back to that amazing trip to Guatemala! I have such fond memories of your field placement orientations, and student led sessions with artful creativity and your soul which is the spirit of dance.

  7. Carolynne Bouey Shank says:

    With my role as co-chair of the Central Council on Monday we received Ted’s letter announcing his retirement. It was with mixed emotions we received and accepted this notice from Ted that he was moving on with his diaconal ministry even ministry for himself. I love my retirement and wish him well. I appreciated Ted as an instructor for me at CCS and prior to that as a colleague in our individual conference ministries for the United Church Division of Ministry. With gratitude Blessings of Joy and Peace Ted. See you in April!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Carolynne, Thank you for all your passionate commitment to CCS. I am most grateful for your incredible pastoral graciousness and your delightful sense of humour. I appreciate all you have taught me — from the days of DMC to the ASCs at CCS.

  8. Sharilynn Upsdell says:

    Ted, you have indeed been a blessing. So many you have mentored and befriended. I’ve appreciated your strong and compassionate teachings. I am better in the world for much you have taught and been. Your blessings will continue to swirl outward. Thank you for all you are!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Dear Sharilynn, I am looking forward to time together in Brazil at DOTAC. I am moved by the way you have moved with such passion for diaconia. I am thrilled to be included on your journey.

  9. Morgan Ryder says:

    Ted, I am happy for you…I hope you find some wonderful goats to spend time with. Thank you for your many gifts, inspiration, encouragement and love.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      You are a woman of rich wisdom, Morgan. Your life and your commitments represent a faithful spirit and a giving heart. I am warmly happy our paths crossed.

    • Kathy Toivanen says:

      Thanks for your many contributions to the diaconal community – even though you may be retiring from your position at CCS, I trust you will continue to be engaged in Diakonia and in many other diaconal circles!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Try and stop me! Thanks for all you have been as friend and colleague since those fun-packed days at Emmanuel, your commissioning somewhere north of Hudson’s Bay, learning to drive stick, your wedding, and various DUCC gatherings. lots of happy, happy memories

  10. kimiko karpoff says:

    Thank you, Ted, for including me in the circle. As someone who often felt more comfortable sticking to the edges, your open and unconditional presence, joy, affirmations and challenges gently invited me to step in. I am so grateful. May this next phase of your journey be filled with awe and wonder. Many blessings and much love ~ kimiko

    • Ted Dodd says:

      much love to you, Kimiko. I so appreciated our two weeks together co-facilitating the LDM in New Westminster. Your hospitality, confidence, wisdom and commitment to justice are such gifts for the church and the world.

  11. Hubert Den Draak says:

    Ted, I’m glad for you that you’ve been able to to discern when to move on to next adventures. Your commitment to diakonia, CCS and its students is more than exemplary and made a difference in my life.
    Having said that, I’m sad to see you go (and will miss those festive get-together at your place). But hey, maybe now you (two) will have a chance to stay at our Eco Centre some day soon!
    Blessings on your new journey, wherever it may take you, Ted.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      What a great idea, Hubert. I’ll add that to the list! It was great to be in the circle with you. Your passion, creativity and vision are such gifts for the church.

  12. Kim Shantz says:

    Ted….I have been blessed to have you in my life and a “fellow traveler on the road”. You taught me many things,far to many to mention here, but your compassion and care were the gifts that brought me through what seemed like insurmountable odds (when Rick had his stroke in the middle of my time at CCS). If it hadn’t been for your “wonderings”… I would not have continued in the program. You impacted my life! You were more than a teacher!

    I want to wish you a wonder-filled retirement.

    Spiral On,
    Kim Shantz

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Thank you, Kim. I remember our time together in the CCS learning circles was filled with tender connection. I so appreciate your big heart and engagement with your learning.

  13. Debra Schweyer says:

    Wow – congratulations Ted! You bring such richness, grace, and humour to CCS and to the Diaconal community – and have made a huge contribution to an amazing learning environment. You will certainly be missed at CCS. I hope that retiring from the Centre leads you onto new paths of fun and frivolity – maybe with kazoos 🙂
    With love and hugs, Debra

  14. Ted Dodd says:

    Kazoos– kewl. Thanks Deb — lots of memories –remember the CE Institute and two weeks in Toronto? We were so young and we were having such a great time. It has been great to wander in and out of one another’s lives with the richness of connection and shared history.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Hey Debbie,
      I have such fond memories of our many experiences together. From the days at a bizillion retreats, to the supervision sessions at Meadowood, from the mosquito on the groom’s forehead, to tea at Cornerstone. You are a blessing to me.

  15. Debbie Coss says:

    Ted, you have been such a key person in my ministry story. Thank you for being teacher, mentor and friend. I have been so gifted by your insight, encouragement, and presence. May you find in retirement the many blessings that you have so richly offered the church and its people throughout the years.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Our lives have interwoven together over so many years. Photographs flash through my brain — many, many youth retreats, my office at Meadowood the tears and laughter of supervision, the learning circles at CCS, martinis at grad, mosquitos on the groom’s forehead, and on and on. so blessed to call you colleague and friend, t

  16. Kathleen Whyte says:

    Well, Mr Holland,
    Think of all the lives you have enriched and enjoy your retirement and thank you for sharing your gifts with me!


    • Ted Dodd says:

      Thank you, Kitty.
      It was a great LDM in a very wonderful setting. I appreciate your enthusiasm and compassion for others. All the best on your vocation voyage. Ted

  17. Barbara Barnett says:

    It’s good to know the right time to move on to a new path. It’s been a joy and a privilege to walk and work with you at CCS. I’ve learned so much from your way of being in the world. With gratitude

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for your incredible dedication and exceptional integrity. You have modeled grace under pressure and compassion in the midst of stress. Keep calm and carry on (while also challenging the powers that be.)

  18. Tammy Allan says:

    Blessings as you move into retirement. CCS has been blessed to have you as part of the ‘family’. I personally, have appreciated your leadership and creativity as an educator. Wishing you well, wherever life’s journey takes you next!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Tammy, for your good humour, gracious hospitality, and sensitive leadership thank you. I am delighted we are friends and colleagues.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      I am delighted with that situation as well. I am so excited we will be together at DUCC. I am looking forward to that time together.

  19. Ken DeLisle says:

    Oh my friend Ted! Let me join the chorus of those who acknowledge the gift you are and who celebrate with you the planned adventure of living your ministry in a new way.
    We have known each other for years (ok, decades).
    You have always impressed me with your wisdom, creativity, willingness to share, and your humour. Above all you always seemed to be calm even when stressful situations cropped up in the work.
    You are truly a person who lives the life of ministry – being there for whomever and whatever they need.
    Blessings friend.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Thank you for those kind words, Ken. I remember meeting on the floor of Conference in Binscarth. That must have been in the 80s. A lot of water under the bridge since then! It is good to call you friend.

    • Jamie Bradshaw says:

      Binscarth, really? How did I manage to miss that?

    • Ted Dodd says:

      opps I meant Birtle.

  20. Karen Berube says:

    Congratulations on your retirement Ted. I will always remember your amazing sermons at Meadowood and your love of “action songs”. May your next adventure bring you much joy! I am so blessed that our paths crossed.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      thank you, Karen! With warm memories of your considerable energy and positive spirit of laughter.

  21. Liz Bachmann says:

    Congratulations Ted!! You have been such a gift to me at the United Church in Meadowood and as a co-worker at the Centre for Christian Studies. I will especially remember your gentleness, your support, and your dedication to whatever commitment you make.
    All the best!
    p.s. “Retirement” is awesome!

    • Ted Dodd says:

      It was great to see you this week, Liz! I love how our paths keep crossing. Your sensitive and caring style, and thorough and attentive work patterns are a joy for me.

  22. Ray McGinnis says:

    Congratulations on the news of your retirement. You’ve been a creative, wise presence, a good listener and fun humorous side. While I knew you more through Manitoba and Northwest Conference, I was glad to cross paths while you were at CCS. May the next chapter be filled with adventure, grace and peace.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Thanks Ray.
      I was glad our paths crossed again at CCS. Your delightful warmth has such a quirky playfulness; I have been blessed by your gifts

  23. carrie foden says:

    ted, i am so thankful for my time with you at ccs. you were a great leader, motivator, and teacher. i still have what i wrote about your name from the LDM when i did a name blessing for everyone…it still rings true to me.

    “Ted your name means Guardian of Wealth. As teacher you are guardian and protector over the wealth of theological knowledge. Thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge with me and everyone who seeks it. God has called you by your name. You belong to God.”

    have an awesome and fun filled retirement. 🙂


    • Ted Dodd says:

      Thank you for your good wishes, Carrie. I hope your journey is going well. It was great to have you in the program even for a short while. You have gifts of openness, humour and forth-right observation.

  24. Diane Trollope says:

    Hi Ted,
    I just sent an email to you at CCS, so won’t say more than to wish you well. And to thank you for your untiring devotion to your students.


  25. Georgina Parsons says:

    Congratulations on your retirement. I am sure you will be greatly missed. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and learning from you. Your insight and creativity were very inspiring. I have my approval from my conference to be accepted as a DLM and am anxiously awaiting my appointment to a pastoral charge learning site. I will take the things you taught me with me. Blessings on your future endeavors.

    • Ted Dodd says:

      Thank you so much, Georgina.
      It was great to be with you at the Peterborough LDM. You are a trouper.

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