Peterborough LDM Wraps Up Tomorrow

Peterborough LDM Wraps Up Tomorrow

Five participants from across Canada have been gathered with CCS program staff Ted Dodd in Peterborough, ON, for the past two weeks, exploring leadership, learning, community, and commitment.

This is the first time the Leadership Development Module has been offered in January.  (Originally, we planned on holding the course in Quebec City but that did not work out, so we hastily arranged a venue in Peterborough, Ontario as an alternative.)

Bedford House

Bedford House

Ted and the gang were hosted at Bedford House, a new project partially sponsored by the United Church’s EDGE initiative for fresh expressions of ministry. Lynn Smith, one of our third year students, and her partner Allan Reeve,  opened the House in July. They envision Bedford House as a centre for promoting social justice and faith. It proved to be a perfect partner for CCS.

Ted reports, “I was staying some distance from the venue and walked forty minutes every day to class. I delighted in trudging up the wee hill through the cemetery emerging to a great view of Little Lake. Proceeding along Crescent Drive I enjoyed the elegant brick building with front porches, that I fondly remember from my youth growing up in Ontario. Further along  the shore of the Otonabee took me to George Street with its “Back to the Future” clock tour.

George Street is Peterborough’s main street where I found some creative graffiti art. In the one in the picture, someone had pasted a map of Canada on the side of the “old Y”,  and stenciled on the map is the caption “Racism, sexism and homophobia are not permitted in this area.” What better a scene for our LDM group picture? For an organization, like CCS, committed to “living a theology of justice” it seemed perfect.

Participants in the 2015 Peterborough LDM, by graffiti of a map of Canada that reads "Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia Not Permitted In This Area"

Participants in the 2015 Peterborough LDM, by graffiti of a map of Canada that reads “Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia Not Permitted In This Area”

I was glad that this group of students were willing to stand with me as witness to this vision of inclusion and safety.”

There will be two more LDM’s in 2015.  June 8-20 in Montreal and August 10-22 in Winnipeg.  Apply today.

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  1. Georgina Parsons says:

    I enjoyed every moment of the LDM course in Peterborough. It was a great learning experience in an intimate atmosphere. Bedford House was a wonderful venue and Lynn and Allan were excellent hosts. Ted was a superb facilitator. I go home with great memories, having made great friends and with a plethora of learning and knowledge in leadership and ministry.

  2. Kathleen Whyte says:

    I want to thank CCS for having the LDM training in Peterborough with such a small group. For me I would not have been able to do this training any other way. We had a small group which has been a blessing in more than one way and we have made more dear friends in in Christ to last a life time. Thank you to Ted for creating a wonderful, safe climate for learning and I think I have finally mastered the concept of the “Spiral Reflection”.

    Bedford House is a wonderful God place in which to hold the LDM and Lynn and Allan are amazing hosts.

    Thank you again- You have changed my life!

    Kathleen Whyte
    Shining Waters Presbytery ( Peterborough,Ontario)
    Bay of Quinte Conference

  3. Christina Snow says:

    Peterborough LDM January 2015 was a very worthwhile experience for me. Sincere thanks to everyone involved.

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