CCS students reflect on their field experiences in various ways.  Patricia McLeod shares this poetic description of her experience offering pastoral care in a medical institution and of the various people she meets.


Haunted eyes,
speaking of unfathomable abuse,
speaking of profound neglect,
speaking of endless pain
memories submerged and blocked
schedules filled to overflowing
seeking approval
seeking self-esteem
seeking external validation and acceptance
I am precious, worthy to be loved

Confused eyes,
glimpses of recollection,
glimpses of youth,
glimpses of connection
bags packed and ready
immaculately groomed
eager for conversation
eager to recall bits and pieces
eager to return to a vanishing reality
I am precious, worthy to be loved

Defensive eyes
containing turmoil
containing suppressed fear
containing carefully constructed defences
no need for spiritual care, no need for faith
a life forever changed
wrestling to adapt
wresting for courage
wrestling to find reconciliation and hope
I am precious, worthy to be loved

Resigned eyes
embracing faith
embracing acceptance
embracing love and shared memories
a life built together, ending with a terminal diagnosis
grappling with a new reality
determined to find serenity
determined to face the future bravely
determined to celebrate each new day
I am precious, worthy to be loved

A tentative knock; hello, I’m…..
entering with a listening ear
entering with an empathetic heart
entering with shiny new tools of questions and care
what can I offer you?
a chance to tell your story
God’s hope and healing
God’s promise to accompany you on this journey
we pray together….
may you feel God’s loving arms supporting you;
when you are most alone may you feel God’s presence with you
and above all may you know that you are precious –
God’s beloved child and worthy to be loved.

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  1. Hubert Den Draak says:

    Wonderful… And I’m delighted so see you are continuing your new-found passion and talent in writing/poetry.

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