CCS’s Top 20 YouTube Videos

CCS’s Top 20 YouTube Videos

None of them are about cats.

CCS has been posting videos to YouTube since 2010.  Couldn’t make it to your friend’s graduation?  Watch the video.  Looking for a ten-minute discussion-starter on the use of music in worship or on respect from an aboriginal and a non-aboriginal perspective?  Watch the video?  Missed the great conversation between Stan McKay and Raheel Raza on diversity, transformation, and hope?  Watch the video.

The average number of viewers for our videos is around a hundred.  That’s not a lot (not cat video numbers!) but it’s a hundred people who are able to get a glimpse of what we’re thinking about, talking about, and doing at CCS.

Which of our videos do you think is the most popular?  Check out our top twenty list and see if you’re right.  (Wish a different video had more views?  Share it with your friends, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, or … I guess you could just watch it yourself over and over again.)

CCS’s top 20 YouTube videos

20. Sermon by 2014 CCS grads
19. Stan McKay & Raheel Raza on Diversity, Transformation and Hope
18. CCS Graduation 2014
17. Lesley Harrison on Humour and Faith
16. Louise Simbandumwe on Solidarity
15. Lynda Trono on a Theology of Simplicity
14. CCS Graduation 2013
13. Stefan Richard on Reconciliation
12. Dianne Baker on Accompaniment
11. Ann Naylor’s Sabbatical Reflection
10. Adrian Jacobs on Respect
9. Scott Douglas on Humour and Faith
8. barb janes on Hospitality to the Arts
7. Fenella Temmerman on the All Being Confluence Project
6. CCS Graduation 2011
5. Steve Heinrichs on Reconciliation
4. CCS Promo Video
3. Carolyn McDade from the CCS 120th Anniversary concert
2. Miriam Therese Winter receiving the Companion of the Centre Award

and the most popular video posted by CCS (by a lot!)…
1. Miriam Therese Winter introducing and sing “Joy is like the rain”