Videos from February’s Second Fridays – Community

Second Fridays

Videos from February’s Second Fridays – Community

Last Friday — yup, it was Valentine’s; feel the love — guest presenters Karen Jolly and Sister Mary Coswin honoured us with their reflections on the meaning and experience of “community,” as part of our Second Fridays series of noon-hour presentations and discussions.



Guests: Mary Coswin and Karen Jolly

Mary CoswinMary Coswin has been a part of the St. Benedict’s community since 1963, when she studied high school at the Academy. Entering the Monastery at a young age, she completed high school and teachers’ training and then taught academic subjects and religious studies in junior and senior high; later she worked as a school counsellor. Sister Mary spent five years in Edmonton offering spiritual direction, retreats and training new spiritual directors. The monastic community gave her the opportunity to work in vocation and formation work, as Director of the St. Ben’s retreat centre where she shares the sisters’ beautiful home and grounds and spirituality with hundreds of people who come through their doors.

KarenJollyKaren Jolly is a graduate from Providence Theological Seminary with a M.A. Educational studies.  Her husband Howard Jolly pastors at First Nations Community Church in Winnipeg.  (“So I guess that makes me a pastor’s wife,” she says.)  Born and raised on Gift Lake Metis Settlement in Northern Alberta, Karen comes from a family of 12 children 7 girls and 5 boys. She has two grown children Joel and Tobi Anne.


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