Videos from January’s Second Fridays – Respect

Videos from January’s Second Fridays – Respect

Doug McMurtry and Adrian Jacobs inspired us with their wise and insightful commentary on the concept of Respect.  Doug reminded us that the in the Bible, God is no respecter of person, and Adrian used the two-row wampum to illuminate a culture of respect.

Second Fridays, for the first part of 2014, is a partnership between CCS and the Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre.  We’re overjoyed to be hosting an Aboriginal and a non-Aboriginal guest each month to reflect on common themes.



Adrian-JacobsAdrian Jacobs is Cayuga First Nation of the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. In his home community, he founded and maintained an Indigenous church that continues to be self-governing, self-supporting, and thriving. In 2012, Adrian began work as the Keeper of the Circle/Principal of the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre. Previous to this appointment, Adrian was working at the University of Alberta to promote Aboriginal Health. Adrian Jacobs possesses over thirty years experience in networking and training of ministry candidates and Aboriginal leaders for organizations in Canada and the United States. During his presentation on respect he will reflect on The Two Row Wampum Treaty between the Five Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Dutch in 1613. He believes it can be seen as foundational to all treaty agreements as it articulates three foundational values for respectful relationships.

doug-mcmurtryDoug McMurtry served The United Church of Canada for over forty years before retirement in 1985. He was raised in various towns in Saskatchewan and ministered in several pastoral charges there. As a conscientious objector, McMurtry was excused from service in the war. After the war he worked in China with the Canadian Friends’ Service Committee. Throughout the years, Doug has been active in ministry with indigenous peoples, at Round Lake Mission, as Superintendent of Home Missions, with the Native Ministry Board, Dr. Jessie Saulteaux Resource Centre and the Stella Group. He finished his official ministry as pastor to Immanuel Church in Winnipeg. Doug has also been elected president of two United Church Conferences.


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