Look Well To The Growing Edge

Look Well To The Growing Edge

 Look well to the growing edge…

These words from author, educator, and civil rights leader, Howard Thurman, open our Annual Fundraising Mailing. The letter may be on its way to you.  (If you find that it hasn’t come to you and really wish it would, let us know.)

CCS is at a growing edge…

As an organization we are growing in order to

  • Widen our course offerings
  • Attract more students from across Canada
  • Employ another program leader

We already offer an excellent program, educating leaders for compassion, justice, and transformation. Our donors help equip and send students to build equitable, active, caring churches and communities, able to respond to the needs of today’s world.

As soon as that envelope arrives in your mailbox take a few minutes to fill out your response and send it back. Can you start giving monthly? Can you increase your overall donation for the year? Can you give the price of your daily coffee? Whatever you can do to help grow students, your support makes a difference…Thank you.