Chair in Contextual Theology

Chair in Contextual Theology

The Centre for Christian Studies is pleased to announce the new position of Chair of Contextual Theology.  This is the chair, seen here:

chair2It is one of many chairs in contextual theology at CCS; so-called because one can sit in them and do theology from the place one is situated.

You may not be able to tell from the picture, but this particular chair is labeled with a piece of masking tape that says, “wobbly.”  (Feel free to make your own theological interpretations.)

Former CCS students might recognize this chair, though it has perhaps been reupholstered since the 1960s.  This chair and its colleagues made the trip from Toronto when the CCS moved to Winnipeg.  It has seen many students (though perhaps not their most flattering sides).  And like its sister and brother chairs, it is showing its age.

That’s why the chair is getting a new position, maybe in somebody’s office or living room.

Tomorrow we’re having a bunch of new chairs delivered.  Hopefully they will support future generations of students as they learn, grow, and work out their wobbly theology.

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  1. MaryAnn Pastuck says:

    Thanks for the opportunity and privilege to sit in that chair!

  2. Debra Schweyer says:

    As a big fan of contextual theology… and chairs…that looks like a great spot!

  3. Is it too late to beg to buy a chair as a fundraiser to the ccs?! I love those chairs and their storied, scratched up arms, and some of them are less wobbly than others! 🙂

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