Want to Make History?

Want to Make History?

Interested in a volunteer opportunity that lets you make history… or at least work with it. The CCS Archives Working Group is looking for volunteers to work on several projects.

Display of CCS’s Anglican Heritage. One or more volunteers are needed to plan and develop a display which would be used by CCS at various events – for example the program which Maylanne is facilitating this fall and winter (Ministering by Word and Example). CCS has materials from its Anglican roots—photographs, documents, yearbooks, and other memorabilia. A display board is available. This is probably best suited to volunteers in the Winnipeg area.

dorcasThe Deaconess Uniform. There are several parts to this project, each of which could be undertaken by a different volunteer or group of volunteers, located anywhere in the country.

  1. If you attended the 120th anniversary celebrations you will remember Dorcas the Deaconess. We need to provide proper care and storage for this historic uniform. The volunteers would arrange for cleaning, make a muslin bag in which to store the uniform, and provide a padded hanger.
  2. Construct a reproduction of the uniform – or, if you are ambitious, reproductions of several uniforms from our history. These uniforms would be worn by staff/volunteers at events, displays.

If you are interested, please contact the CCS offices and we’ll put you in touch with the Archives Working Group.