Liz is Moving On

Liz is Moving On

liz_bachmannIt is with a mix of personal regret but warm wishes and much gratitude for her contribution to CCS, that I announce the retirement of Liz Bachmann, effective November 23, 2013. Her last working day will be November 15.

Liz has been a tremendous gift to our school. Since October 2010, she has served in the front office of Woodsworth House as an Administrative Assistant and later as Registrar too. She has greeted students and the public on our behalf, administered our finances and files, issued receipts, managed bursaries, attended to the fabric of the building, offered staff support to the Finance Committee and Central Council, organized events, and carried out “other duties as assigned”.

Students and co-workers recognize Liz for her courtesy, graciousness, her attention to detail, and her quiet effectiveness. Staff will hold a lunch to honour Liz closer to her date of retirement. We all wish her the very best.

–Maylanne Maybee, Principal

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  1. Vicki McPhee says:

    Oh my goodness! So sorry to see you go Liz! You have always been so calm and patient with my crazy self – I have really appreciated your wonderful presence at CCS. All the best in retirement!

    • Liz Bachmann says:

      Thanks so much Vicki.
      Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

  2. Carolynne Bouey Shank says:

    Liz, oh my we shall miss you! Thank you for coming on board with CCS. You came at the right time. You are a gift to the world. Do enjoy retirement. I am. 🙂

    • Liz Bachmann says:

      Thanks so much Carolynne.
      Hopefully I will enjoy retirment as much as you do!

  3. Kimiko says:

    Liz, thank you for your ministry to the students and staff of CCS. You have been a blessing. May this new phase you embarking on be one filled with awe and wonder.

    • Liz Bachmann says:

      Thank you for your kind words Kimiko.
      Will see you in Winnipeg real soon!

  4. Morgan Ryder says:

    I am happy for you that you get to retire and do those things that I am sure you had to put on hold to be able to offer us all the care and attention you have. I always look forward to seeing you at the Centre and even your emails are so kind and warm. Thanks you Liz. You have been a blessing to me.

    • Liz Bachmann says:

      Thank you for your kind words Morgan.
      CCS is so alive when you and the students are here. Those are my favourite times of the year.
      See you real soon!

  5. Brian Elcombe says:

    Thank you so much for always being that warm and bright light in the confusion of registering and ensuring all things were done. My best wishes on your retirement.

  6. carrie says:

    i’m going to miss you liz. i know your retirement will be wonderful and exciting. i’m so glad that you took the LDM at the same time i did. it was wonderful sharing that time together.


  7. Hubert Den Draak says:

    When I wasn’t sure yet about enrolling, I decided to visit the CCS to get a feel for the pace. When I was greeted (and offered coffee) by Liz I immediately knew that if people like her worked there it had to be a good place to be.
    I’ll miss you, Liz (including our graphic design chats), and wish you a wonderful and fulfilling retirement.

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