Strat Planning: have your say

Strat Planning: have your say

Do you consider yourself part of the CCS community?  If you’re a friend, supporter, alumnae/us, student, or volunteer of the Centre for Christian Studies, the Central Council would like your thoughts on where CCS should be going in the next five years.

Five Year Strategic Plan 2013-2018

July 15, 2013
To all members of Central Council, Committees, Students and Staff

Dear Friends of CCS,  

CCS is now developing our next five year Strategic Plan for 2013-2018.  We are doing so with a great deal of hope, grounded in our history, our strong family of diaconal and ordained clergy, our spiral learning program, and our deeply committed volunteers and staff.

With up to 24 students entering theme years in September, our enrolment is stable and growing.  We are finding new ways to engage with Anglican students and with the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre and others.  We have a budget that has run a small surplus for two years and likely will for a third year.

As a Christian community committed to social justice and deep compassion, we know that these are challenging times for our traditional churches.  We also know that resources for training Christian leaders are declining in all denominations. We know we have a very small staff carrying a heavy load.  At the same time, our history teaches us that we have been here before… times of upheaval and change are never far away, and change is always an opportunity for new growth and new insight.

That’s why we need your input, vision, and critical thoughts as we embark on framing our next Strategic Plan.

We are inviting you to take some time to think about your hopes for CCS…the opportunities you see for today and for tomorrow.  Pray about CCS and the future of education for diakonia.  Then please write to us with your key thoughts about what we need to do better, what we need to do that’s new, and what we might stop doing. 

What are the three or four most important strategic issues and opportunities for CCS?

Please send your thoughts by email or regular mail to or by mail to the Centre no later than September 15thYour input will go to a small planning group that will work to prepare for a two-day face-to-face meeting of Central Council in October in Winnipeg. 

Feel free to write as little or as much as you wish.  Your response will help us to see more clearly what we have to focus on in the next while to strengthen our role as a unique Centre for Christian Studies, today and into the next five years.

In  gratitude and faith,
Patty Evans                                                                                   Maylanne Maybee
Chair, Planning & Governance Committee                          Principal, CCS