Then We Take Berlin

Then We Take Berlin


Starting next Monday, deacons and diaconal ministers from around the world will be gathering in Berlin for the Assembly of the Diakonia World Federation.  CCS staff member Ted Dodd will be in attendance, along with CCS alumni and friends such as Linda Ervin, Barbara Lieurance, Beth Kerr, Sarah Bruer, and Sharilynn Upsdell.  (Did I miss anyone?)  It should be an exciting gathering.  We’ll try to get a report once it’s done.

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  1. Sharilynn Upsdell says:

    no you didn’t miss anyone in the list of those attended Berlin World Assembly.
    However, just a note, for future references – my name has 2 “n”‘s .

    Thanks so much… like to get those archival records as correct as possible while they are being created.

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