The Table is Ready

The Table is Ready

Principal Maylanne Maybee writes:

One of the questions we asked at the Program Consultation is what changes we might consider for the delivery of our program. In particular, what technologies should we be considering? Are there aspects of our program that we could offer on line? Should we be meeting by video? What about webinars?

Chris Lind, director of the Sorrento Centre in BC (and a long time partner of CCS grad Anne Elliott), pointed out that what we were really talking about was new technology, as CCS has been using technology to good effect since well before the Internet. There was an era when our graduates used stayed in touch via “daisy chain” phone calls– one person would phone a cluster of people who would receive the news and then pass it on by phone to the next cluster and so on.


We still use a version of old and newer technologies via conference call. It’s a way of celebrating and creating community and communities. This is to remind and encourage you to get together with CCS folks near you to participate in the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Central Time.

This year, Scott has created a digital Annual Report where documents can be posted as they are ready. A summary of highlights will then be printed for distribution to our funders and sponsors.

Every two weeks I spend thirty minutes or so writing this column for Common Threads. Occasionally I get e-mail comments from people who have seen my message, but communication tends to be one way. The AGM is an opportunity for communication to flow in the other direction – for you to ask your questions, give your feedback, tell us your news, let your voice be heard.

In particular, we’d like to hear your response to the issues and questions coming out of our Program Consultation in January – the featured presentation that comes after all those interesting financial reports.

The Co-chairs, the Volunteer Recruitment Working Group, the Finance Committee, and other committee chairs have been working hard to set the scene. Please let Liz Bachmann know that you plan to phone in and she’ll send you the dialing information and participant code. Last year thirty people came in person or called in. I hope we can equal or surpass that number this year. The table is ready. Come and join us!