Thank you, Brian.

Thank you, Brian.


Thank you, Brian

Brian Faurschou has opted to step down as Chair of the Finance Committee and Treasurer for CCS, effective after the AGM, March 7, 2013.  He has served as Treasurer since 2010, working tirelessly with Charlotte Caron as Acting Principal, and with Ann Naylor as interim Financial Administrator, to give structure and direction to the work of the Finance Committee.  He gave patient and practical coaching to the new Principal when she came on staff in August 2011.

Brian sent this message to members of the Central Council when they met in December, which deserves to be shared with the wider CCS community:

This will be the last finance committee report that I submit and I have deliberated about what I want to say. Certainly I have had second thoughts about relinquishing my position on the finance committee. Committing to write this “thank you” brings a literal lump to my throat. I have come to further understand that CCS is important to our world and I am still amazed by the people involved.

I frequently tell people that I have not met anyone involved with CCS who could be considered “along for the ride. All are intelligent, committed people living a life that is challenging and needed in our world.

My experience with CCS has been unique for me. I know it has changed me (my spouse says for the better).  Everyone on the Central Council has been open and kind to me and I thank you for allowing me to be part of you for the last two years.

We will miss Brian’s almost weekly visits to Woodsworth House to sign cheques and check in with staff, never too rushed to answer questions and offer advice.  We are grateful that CCS ended two years in a row with a balanced budget.  And we are fortunate to have the legacy of his leadership which was both visionary and attentive to detail.  Rumour has it that he liked us enough that he may even continue on the Finance Committee though not as chair.  We are all cheering!