Meet Cici!

Meet Cici!

The puppet has been named! “CiCi S.” A blue ribbon panel of experts has combined two entries: Brenda Zanin of Ottawa wrote of her selection “CiCi”: “It’s gender free and it could also be ‘see-see’ -the key learning sense of sight. It’s friendly.” Deb Kigar, of Quebec, had a similar suggestion “CeeCeeS.” So judges took prerogative and amalgamated Brenda’s spelling and Deb gave the puppet a last name (okay an initial). Congratulations!

This “contest” generated lots of interest and creativity. Nancy French, of Newfoundland, describes her near mystical experience: “I sat for 30 seconds and a suggestion appeared out of the blue, flittering from out of the infinite cosmic realm… reverberating, wanting to be recognized! “Cosmos”.

In Alberta, Barbara Lieurance cobbled together the first letters of our motto “Living a theology of justice” to create Latoj (sounds like LaToy). And Kimberly Roy was our most prolific entrant suggesting sixteen monikers:

Justin the justice seeker
Peter the peace locater
Alexander the Creation hugger
Sandy the solidarity detective
Ken the kindness seeker
Trevor the transformation officer
Charlie the change maker
Lane the listener
Ralph the reflection dude
Samuel from the support team
Ivon the inviter
Victor the visionary
Theodor the theologian
Wayne the witnesser
William the with-er
Tommy the truth finder.

CiCi S.
Several offered versions on the diaconate. From BC, Kimiko Karpoff liked “Diane Connell.” Several in Manitoba wrote to us; Dianne Baker proposed “Koni”; Susan Roe Finlay recommended “”Constant’ as a gender non specific but affirming the work that is diaconate”; Diane Ives Lewis valued the strong and straightforward: “Dirk the Deacon.” From Alberta, Gwennie Simpson also identified an alternative spelling for “Connie” but this time short for connections.
Lastly our youngest participant, Seven year old Andrew Fodden advocated for “Gabe — because it’s a good name.”
Thanks everyone for being good sports and contributing. It was fun! Who says CCS is overly earnest?