Goodbye, Sadly, From Marc

Goodbye, Sadly, From Marc

Marc Desrosiers writes:

With very mixed emotions and further to Maylanne’s message above, I will be leaving CCS effective August 3rd (from the office), and from active staff service to CCS on August 22nd. Due to personal / professional reasons only, I have been blessed with the sudden offer of a position as Vice-President Philanthropy for a major organization. Throughout my life, I have also come to believe that God is the great orchestrator of opening and closing doors in the grand scheme of things… and so I simply said, “Thanks be to God!” The CCS staff team is strong and will do just fine.

I will cherish the students, the staff colleagues and the many, many other CCS Friends whom I have come to know and/or meet over the past 18 months; you have been the highlight of my short tenure here.

I will be able to continue my short-term involvement – as a CCS volunteer – with Common Threads, with some of the 120th Anniversary planning through to our Anniversary weekend, and until such time that the re-allocation of development and communication responsibilities is communicated to you by the Principal. Indeed, I will also help to orient the new staff member to Common Threads, to Development work, and more…

ALL: you will forever be in my heart and in my prayers. See you in October for the 120th Anniversary Weekend!

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  1. Jim Boyles, CCS co-chair says:

    Hi Marc. Congratulations on your new appointment. It sounds exciting. We’re going to miss you in so many ways at the Centre. You have contributed so much in such a short time. Thank you for all your work, and your enthusiasm which has inspired us all. You have great skills as a community builder, not to mention the fundraising success you have had with us.
    I hope that Maylanne can find a way to respond to your offer to continue as a volunteer, especially with the 120th anniversary, since you were the inspiration for the idea, and have been so involved in the planning.
    Best wishes as you move on to other things.

  2. Carolynne Bouey-Shank, CCS Co-chair says:

    Dear Marc. I am saddened to receive your letter of resignation yet at the same time I am pleased for you that you received such an exciting offer of the new position and recognition of your skills and work. Like Jim we will miss your inspiration to the community of Centre of Christian Studies of the infinite possibilities there are in celebrating and sharing our story. I too appreciate your desire to continue your work as a volunteer in some of the work that you have been a part. I have no qualms for you to continue with the 120th Anniversary. It was your brainchild. That work is a short term and urgent. Thank you.
    You have offered so much to the community of CCS with your energy and enthusiasm in just two years! You are a blessing to this world. And we thank you.

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