Nostalgia Wanted

Nostalgia Wanted

Are there any deaconess uniforms out there? Any graduation certificates?

CCS is looking for material to add to its history files and archival collection. The 120th Anniversary celebrations provide an opportunity for this to happen. We encourage you to check your storage room, your basement, your attic for:

  • Scrapbooks
  • Photographs of your days at CCS and its predecessors
  • Memorabilia and items of historical significance
  • Anything that is part of the history of CCS.

At the anniversary celebrations in October we will be glad either to receive these items as donations, or to make copies of them with you retaining the originals. We will have displays of some of CCS’s archival holdings, and there will be an opportunity for alumnae/alumni and friends to identify photographs. And if you can’t make the October gathering but have items to donate, please get in touch with us.

If you know if any other graduates or former students, particularly older grads, who might have things to share, please ask them or let us know so that we can be in touch with them: please contact Marc at

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