The Gang’s All Here

The Gang’s All Here

Two learning circles started today at Woodsworth House.  The 5 Integrating Year students are here until their graduation on the weekend of March 24/25.  The 16 Pastoral Care Year students are here until the 29th.  The two groups (plus the staff) gathered for a joint worship service at noon today, followed by lunch: vegetarian chili, salad, and bread.  I brought pie, because it’s International Pie Day today (the date being 3.14).

Two learning circles share lunch.

Tomorrow the Pastoral Care students will go to North End Stella Community Ministry for the first of three days focused on understanding the aboriginal context.  There will be a number of workshops, with leaders like Stan McKay, Barbara Shoomski, Mark MacDonald, Joe McLellan, Nanette McKay, and Melodie McKellar.  Students from the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre will also be taking part.

Next week (so as not to over-tax the space at Woodsworth House) the Pastoral Care gang will be meeting just up the block at Westminster United Church.  Good thing too, because at the end of next week the CCS Central Council shows up for two days of face-to-face meeting.

It’s a full house, but it’s great to see everybody.  Best of luck to all the students in their respective learning circles.