Springing Forward

Springing Forward

CCS Principal Maylanne Maybee writes:

Springing forward from a successful Annual General Meeting and year. Last week was a good week! On a personal level, the Human Resources Committee conducted my probation review and will be recommending that I be made “permanent”. The process was gracious, carefully done, and clear. I am grateful not only that I “passed” but also for the thoughtful, specific feedback. CCS does that sort of thing well–with students and principals alike.

It was a good week for CCS too. The Annual General Meeting drew about 45 attendees – more than twice the turnout in recent years. Roughly half were in Winnipeg and half huddled around phones in communities from BC to Quebec. And there was a strong show from both denominations without shaking the bushes for either! Participants listened and contributed with patience and grace and we dealt with each item with enough time for introductions, worship, questions and answers, and substantive information- sharing.
The necessary business was conducted: Jim Boyles and Carolynne Bouey Shank gave highlights from the Co-chairs’ report, I spoke to the Principal’s report, and Ted Dodd to the staff report. Patty Evans led us through a serious of resolutions to adapt and simplify the governance structure, Brian Faurschou led us through the requisite budget for information and audited statements for approval, Maureen McCartney gave an enthusiastic Nominations report with a renewed roster of volunteers for Central Council, Committees and Working Groups, and Bill Gillis gave an update on by-law revisions (stay tuned for an exciting new version next year!).

It took time to navigate through all the business items, so the “interactive presentation” by Walter Deller, Alice Watson, and Keith Simmonds on Attracting Students and Growing our Program had to be non-interactive, in order to end the meeting on time. For the record, the link to the website notes and questions are given below. .

The AGM represented hours of dedication from staff and Friends of CCS and gave a good snapshot of how CCS has moved and changed in the past year: a new principal, a sound financial picture, a bright and positive spirit, a sense of energy and strength to meet the challenges ahead. Thank you to everyone who came, and especially to those who hosted “phone parties”. It really strengthened the sense of community. Thanks and, as they say in French, à la prochaine! See you next time!