Leave a Message for Our 2012 Graduates and Companions

Leave a Message for Our 2012 Graduates and Companions

This upcoming weekend is a big one for the Centre for Christian Studies.  This is the weekend when we celebrate the graduation of five students who have completed their training in diaconal ministry – Alice Hanson, Vicki McPhee, Ingrid Remkins, Tracy Robertson, and Debbie Springer.  It’s also the weekend when we celebrate two of the three people who have been named as a Companions of the Centre for this year: Barbara Barnett and Charlotte Caron.  (Caryn Douglas, the third Companion for this year, is not around this weekend, so she will be celebrated at the CCS 120th Anniversary Weekend in the fall.)

The celebrations take place this Saturday night at a banquet, and Sunday afternoon (3 pm) at a worship service being held at St. George’s Crescentwood Anglican church in Winnipeg.

Vicki and Tracy are from Calgary. Debbie is from Two Hills, Alberta.  Ingrid is from Kimberley, Ontario.  Alice is from Dawson Creek, BC.  And Barbara and Charlotte are both from Winnipeg.  No doubt they have friends and supporters from all over who would like to express their congratulations and best wishes.  Here is your opportunity!

Leave a comment below for any of our grads and Companion (or all of them as a group!).  Let them know you’re thinking about them and wishing them well.

(If you would like to send a greeting but you don’t want the whole world to see it, you can email Scott at info@ccsonline.ca and he will pass it along to the appropriate person.)

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  1. Barbara Lieurance says:

    What an exciting time of ending and beginning, what a blessed time of honouring and celebrating. My prayers, “hurrah’s” and warmest wishes are with you all as you look forward to THE weekend. Barbara Lieurance

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  3. Deb Kigar says:

    Dear Debbie, Ingrid, Vicki, Tracy & Alice
    My most heartfelt congratulations to each of you as you celebrate & graduate this weekend. How I wish I could be there to give each and every one of you a monstrous hug. However, its not very feasible to travel to you from where I am now.

    I still remember our ASC weekend last year, followed by the transfer & settlement process one week later, commissioning at the end of May, and moving at the end of June — those months were full of joy and anticipation, fear and trembling, hellos and goodbyes. It was an amazing journey. I encourage each of you to let yourself feel the breadth of all the emotions of this weekend and the months ahead.

    You have come through an amazing program and you are incredible women — the world awaiting your gifts is so incredibly blessed!

    I miss you all, but I am looking forward to the day that our paths cross again — I know they will. Please email me when you have time, and let me know where you are headed next….

    Congratulations & Blessings abound

  4. Mary Elliott says:

    Dear Alice, Debbie, Ingrid, Vicki and Tracy,
    Congratulations diaconal ministry graduates! Blessings on your exciting weekend of celebrations for you and your families. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Wishing each of you all the best in your ministry. I hope our paths will cross again someday.
    Mary Elliott

    Dear Barbara and Charlotte,
    Congratulations to you both and blessings on your celebrations.
    Mary Elliott

  5. Carol McPhee says:

    Dear Vicki and colleagues,
    Congratulations on such an auspicious occasion. We know that it has been a long journey of study and reflection and really just begins a career of the same. We are so proud of you…Grandy and Grandad (Ken and Carol McPhee)

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