Attracting New Students, Growing our Program

Attracting New Students, Growing our Program

Principal Maylanne Maybee writes:

So far, just enough people have registered for next week’s Annual General Meeting of Friends of CCS to meet our quorum (15 voting Friends, at least five Anglican and five United Church), but more is better. What if there’s a snowstorm or someone falls on the ice? Every Friend counts, every pre-registration makes us happy!

Scott Douglas has done an amazing job collecting reports and laying them out in the Annual Report .  You will find it a fascinating account– in words, pictures, and numbers–of another year in the life of CCS.

Following the business part of the meeting and special items of business, the Student Recruitment and Tuition Task Group will be giving a progress report on their research and ideas. The members of the Task Group are Dr. Walter Deller, DM Keith Simmonds, and Alice Watson. They will be asking for your thoughts on these three sets of questions:

  1. If you are or were a student, what brought you to CCS, and what kept you here? If you weren’t a student, what draws you and keeps you connected? How would you use that experience to encourage other students to enroll at CCS?
  2. What are your hopes and fears for the future of diaconal ministry (Anglican or United)? How should CCS promote or adapt its program if our status as a testamur granting institution in Diaconal Ministry for the United Church were to change?
  3. What are the unique strengths and gifts that CCS possesses? What steps should we take now to make them known and used by the wider community?

Your experience, ideas, and opinions matter! If we want to attract new students and grow our program, we need to understand what made CCS work for you – why you studied here, why you chose to be a Friend, why you stay connected.

The other stuff matters too – what we do with our money, where it comes from, how we manage it, ongoing matters of governance, a year in review about where we’ve come from and where we’re going. I look forward to hearing your voice and hearing your ideas about how to continue to offer our exceptional resources and experiences to God’s people in the Church and the wider world. Talk to you soon!