AGM 2012

AGM 2012

The annual meeting of the friends of the Centre for Christian Studies ended about an hour ago.  It was a very successful AGM, full of good spirits.

A group of about 20 gathered at the CSS offices in Winnipeg, and another 20 or 25 phoned in from across Canada – from places like Victoria, Montreal, Saskatoon, Oakville, Dawson’s Creek, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, and other places.

The Winnipeg gang met for supper before the meeting.  Folks in other locations also gathered for food and socializing before or after the meeting.  (If anyone in any of those other spots happened to snap a picture, send it in and we’ll add it to the one below of the people enjoying their meal in Winnipeg.)

Good food before the AGM in Winnipeg

The meeting was chaired by the co-chairs of Central Council, Jim Boyles and Carolynne Bouey-Shank.  It included discussions of the reports from the Council, Principal, Staff, Students, and the various committees and working groups.  The meeting ended with an insightful conversation about recruitment of new students.

CCS AGM. Not pictured: All the people on the phone!

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  1. Maylanne Maybee says:

    Also not pictured – how HOT it was in that room! We sweltered through two hours of meeting, while others held their phones close to their ears. A true sign of the commitment of the Friends of CCS! Thanks to all who contributed and all who participated.

  2. CCS says:

    Marc Desrosiers writes:
    Despite the heat in the room – the temperature, not the topics – all ended well with the welcoming of several new volunteers to CCS. We also take this occasion to offer our heartfelt thanks to those whose terms had concluded or who were stepping down.
    To view the new slate of Members to the Central Council, to all Committees and to Working Groups, as well the entire Annual Report, visit the link:
    Thanks to all for your interest, support and participation.

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