Results of the Fall 2011 Annual Appeal

Results of the Fall 2011 Annual Appeal

Development staffperson, Marc Desrosiers, and the Finance Committee are pleased with the results of the fall fundraising campaign.  In Marc’s words:

The results have been nothing short of a God-send and financial blessing, thanks to the generosity and kind hearts of the CCS community.  Over 210 individuals, as well as 80 PAR donors, provided financial gifts in the 10-week Fall’11 Annual Appeal, which was held from October 17- December 31st.

In these few short weeks, over $47,500 was raised, exceeding our goal target of $30,000!  Outstanding, don’t you think? … and all thanks to our wonderful supporters!

This response speaks well of a supporting community, a constituency that is anxious to see CSS grow into its 120th year along with resources necessary to remain relevant, vibrant and on the crest of being forward-thinking in diaconal ministry. These gifts go far in relieving a recent and past time of being a “financially stressed” organization.

You have our pledge to be good stewards for the resources provided.

In addition, we also received two significant grants in 2011 from the Winnipeg Foundation.   First, we received an “Econo Grant” valued at $2,500 to replace the two aging dishwashers and the two toilets at Woodsworth House.  And just recently, we received a “Community Grant” valued at $10,000 to acquire and have installed two “SMART” board projection units.  This valuable equipment will greatly assist our teaching and with student / instructor interaction.

By the way, the Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s second largest community-based foundation.

However, we are asking for your “SMART” help too…

The “SMART” boards do need to be covered with a sheet or tapestry of some nature, preventing the accidental use of permanent markers on their surfaces… they may look like ordinary white boards, but are fully electronic.  Hence, we are calling out to the many creative CCS community members who might just love to create a cover (or two) for our SMART boards. Be creative if you wish – and definitely be noticed at Woodsworth House.

Prizes (donated) for the best two (2) entries – as determined by a talented “SMART” panel of “experts”!

Deadline to receive items at CCS: February 29, 2012

The dimensions:

  • 67 inches wide
  • 52 inches tall
  • Preferably with fitted (elastic) corners

Be creative!
Have fun!