Maylanne Maybee arrives as Principal of CCS

Maylanne Maybee arrives as Principal of CCS

Maylanne Maybee, Principal of the Centre for Christian StudiesIt’s now a little over a week since I’ve assumed the role of Principal of the Centre for Christian Studies.  Scott Douglas said the day would come that I won’t be counting anymore!  I’m not quite there yet. 

In the month before arriving here, I attended the Celebration of Life of Rhea Whitehead, a dear friend and neighbor, and rejoiced at the birth of my first grandchild, James Bruce Whittall.  The end of one life, well lived and much missed, and the beginning of another, full of promise at the threshold of the years.  That’s how I feel about coming here – the end of one kind of life, the beginning of a new one full of promise and possibility. 

For the moment I have formulated my thoughts about what I’d like to see happen at CCS during my tenure here into three “D”s:

  1.  Define our strengths and build on them – naming what is distinctive about CCS in a way that makes it appealing to prospective students for ministry but isn’t too restrictive;
  2. Diversify the program – packaging and promoting it so it is appealing to a wide range of potential students not only from the United and Anglican Churches, and not only to diaconal students and deacons, but beyond;
  3. Develop the constituency – making connections with our graduates, partners, churches, faith communities and above all our prospective students in a way that will increase the health and wealth of CCS. 

I hope these “Three Ds” will help me focus on the many, many tasks and expectations that I’m already encountering, and look forward to sharing on these pages how things unfold as reality dawns!