PAR Challenge

PAR Challenge

We want YOU to help us grow the CCS Ministry in pastoral care, education and social transformation

During the summer months, CCS staff and volunteers continue their program development, governance and planning for the Fall and Winter ’12 activities. As we gear-up for the exciting seasons ahead, we are mindful that your financial and prayerful support are the necessary ingredients which will keep CCS relevant and of real value to the United and Anglican Churches in Canada.

Without our community of supporters, this ministry could not be accomplished.

CCS provides Education for ministries of pastoral care, education and social transformation throughout the entire year, and we need your support all year long too!

Help CCS “grow and bloom” with a monthly “PAR”!

a PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance donation) is the most convenient and easiest way to give…

June – August’11 (3-month) PAR Goal Challenge from 61-to-81 participants!

We currently have 61 “PAR” participants who provide a monthly, pre-authorized gift to CCS. Our Spring and Summer’11 GOAL is to GROW our PAR donors to 81 participants  Will you be one of those who will take up the challenge? We need 20 ‘new’ supporters to reach our goal

  • It is so-o-o convenient and simple to set-up!
  • The donation is automatically debited once each month, from your account (of choice), for your donation amount (of choice
  • Income tax receipts (for Canada Revenue Agency) are issued at year-end
  • Example 1: a $10.00 / month PAR donation = $120.00 year-end tax receipt!
  • Example 2: a $25.00 / month PAR donation = $300.00 year-end tax receipt! Amazingly-effective!

To set-up a PAR remittance, please contact me – Marc Desrosiers – ( or call me at 204-783-4490 ext. 22 for your confidential discussion