Anglican Heads of Theological Schools Meeting

Anglican Heads of Theological Schools Meeting

Maylanne Maybee, CCS Principal-designate, writes about the meeting of the heads of the Anglican Theological Schools in Toronto, June 6&7, 2011:

 What issues of governance are Anglican colleges for theological education facing?  How do they relate to the university with which they are affiliated?  What different tools and practices are they using for distance education?  What competencies should candidates for ordination to the priesthood have and how do theological colleges prepare them? 

These are questions that shaped the conversation among Anglican principals and deans from across Canada from June 6-7, 2011– a small gathering at Wycliffe College in Toronto of eight heads (principals and deans) from across Canada.  I was proud to represent the Centre for Christian Studies and to bring the perspective of education for diaconal ministry – with helpful notes provided by Charlotte Caron! 

The main item of business was to review a draft document that came out of a national gathering of Anglican bishops and theological educators in January 2010 in d’Youville, Quebec.   My particular concern was whether the basic competencies expected of candidates for ordination to the priesthood in the Anglican Church of Canada set out clearly what deacons and presbyters have in common and what sets them apart.  

We reached no final conclusion but the dialogue began and I felt that my new role as an educator for ministry was launched!