About You – Beth Baskin

About You – Beth Baskin

In Beth’s words:

“ My name is Beth Baskin and I graduated from CCS in Toronto in 1990 as an Anglican with a specialty in Youth Ministry. Of the last 21 years of paid professional lay ministry I have managed to be employed for seven and a bit years within the Anglican Church, twelve within the United Church and almost a year with KAIROS. Yes, there is some unemployed time in there too, but there are real advantages to going to an ecumenical school. Although I was originally from BC I am firmly transplanted in Ontario now and have ministered primarily in the City of Toronto. My past work has included all aspects of the diploma program with stints of children, youth and adult Christian education along with some pastoral care and a strong streak of outreach and social justice work.

I am now The Social Justice Coordinator for Toronto Southeast Presbytery. The Social Justice Project is a brand new two year project within the presbytery inspire and give life to congregations wishing to engage in social justice ministry. This coordinator will assist people to translate their beliefs and principles into actions and activities that reflect their spirit and passion and faith.

This is an exciting opportunity that will have me leading workshops, listening and telling stories, supporting people in their advocacy work and many other tasks waiting to be discovered. I identify myself as a educator and facilitator whose work is deeply grounded in my faith and who seeks places to work where I can change the world. This feels like the right fit at this time.

I could not have predicted where my CCS training might take me, but give thanks for the practical field based approach to learning and for the challenges of my Core group along with the incredible support of the staff that have enabled to take that training and learn from it to become the minister I am today.

In addition to my work I love to read, sew, volunteer with Scouts Canada and play outdoors in tents and canoes with my husband Keith, daughter Morgan (15) and son Liam (10)” – Beth Baskin