Search Result “Fun”

Search Result “Fun”

Reflection by Charlotte:

It is Monday morning. Coffee in hand, I opened the CCS website this morning to get a piece of information I needed. I was taken aback to see an ad by google on our search results page offering sexual “fun.” This was not what I was looking for! Scott has now discovered a way to eliminate ads from our site because we are in the non-profit/university category. So hopefully I will not have to get into a Monday morning grump up about hot ads again! At least not on the CCS website.

But once again I think about how much in the world of advertising offends me. In-my-face ads on the internet, on billboards, on TV inviting, urging, manipulating me to behaviours and products that I do not either want or need. Advertisements that are distasteful or cross the line to quite offensive. Advertisements that suggest such things are Ok and desirable, that use and abuse people, that have destructive consequences and that frequently sexualize girls and women in unhealthy ways.

Yesterday’s scripture called us to be light to the world. As Christian people we are called to bring light to situations that need change. While CCS may be able to get an exemption from sexualized google ads (for which I am very grateful), not all can or choose to. So we need to bring to light the kind of ads that need to be changed, to name what we see as wrong with them, to persist in enlightening the world for goodness. A little light goes a long way! May you and I be and bring light to the world!


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