Annual Report

The Annual Meeting is next Wednesday.  If you’re interested in the Centre for Christian Studies, you might want to think about attending.  It starts at 6:00 pm (Manitoba time), with friends of the Centre gathered in Winnipeg and many more joining in by conference call from all over Canada.  And this just in:

Anglicans attend for free!

OK, it’s actually free for everyone.  But we always have a little push to get Anglicans to come, since our quorum for the meeting requires at least 5 Anglican participants and at least 5 United Church participants.  UCC folks are easy to round up.  You can’t shake a stick without hitting one or two United Church people around here (who will understandably say, “Hey, stop shaking that stick at me”), but making sure we have enough Anglican representation is sometimes a trickier task.

The 2010 Annual Report of the Centre for Christian Studies is available for downloading and online viewing.  Check it out.  It was a busy year!