Food for Thought

Today after our staff meeting we all sat down to enjoy a lunch provided by an anonymous donor. This has happened a number of times before around the Christmas season – the folks at Food For Thought (a local catering company) phone us up to tell us that someone has donated a lunch to the staff at CCS and when would we like it?

It was “food for thought” in a number of ways. It got us thinking about generosity and gratitude and how nice it is just to know that someone’s thinking about you. And in our prayers at morning worship, as well as thinking of friends and community-members who are struggling, we remembered with thanks all the people who supported CCS in various ways over the past year. This week Ted is doing some preparatory work for the multi-faith component in the Spring Learning Circle by making connections with some of the faith communities our students will be visiting, and so was reflecting on the gift of hospitality he receives when he visits various temples and houses of worship, and trying to be a gracious guest.

The lunch was lovely, by the way. And it feels like a good way to begin a new year – with food and friends and gratitude.