News from Toronto

News from Toronto

Charlotte Caron recently had time in Toronto where she was able to meet with CCS grads, volunteers and supporters. Two highlights were a visit to Belmont Place and a gathering at Trinity-St. Paul’s Church.

Three diaconal ministers live in Belmont Place.  Marion Pope took Charlotte around to visit the two others, first visiting Muriel Isaac, a woman who now attends the United Church although she worked as a deaconess in Baptist Churches during her career.  At 97 she enjoys reading, visiting and going to church.  Down the hall lives Donalda Jardine who, at 102, is the oldest living graduate of what is now the Centre for Christian Studies.   Ms Jardine graduated in 1937, was commissioned by Maritime Conference and began her career working as a Christian Educator in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.  She has a delightful smile as she recalls her time at the training school.

Later that day, 19 CCS grads and supporters gathered for visiting and some learning what is currently happening at CCS.  Charlotte spoke, with students Deb Kigar and Jackie Van’t Voort and Council Co-Chair adding their perspectives.  It was an enjoyable time with people from different eras, Anglican and United people, grads and supporters.  We met in the “Memorial Room” at Trinity-St. Paul’s, a fitting site with a large painting of Katherine Hockin who taught many of us over the years about social analysis and how the world works.

Charlotte will be travelling to Edmonton and Calgary in early December to visit and catch up with  old and new friends.


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