Annual Fundraising Campaign

Annual Fundraising Campaign

First of all, let me share some statistics with you…

Last year CCS had 33 full-time equivalent students training for diaconal ministry.
It costs CCS $15,163.97/year to educate each student.
A grant from the United Church of Canada covered $3,800 per student.
Each student paid tuition of $4,500.
This means, of course, that CCS needs to raise about $7,000 per full time equivalent beyond tuition and grants.
$7,000 times  33 students = $231,000

So far we’ve raised enough for 2 students.

Would you like to help?  Contact us at CCS to make a donation, or click on the “Donate” button in the sidebar to make a donation through the Canada Helps website.


Erase the shortfall.
Your help urgently needed
By midnight December 31.
Every dollar DOUBLED!