Prayer for September 15

Prayer for September 15

In the midst
of routine and rest
of sabbath and sunsets
of travel and time off
of contemplation and calm

In the complex mix of our days
of agendas and appointments
of time zones and to do lists
of stress and schedules

we gather to do the work of this organization.

In the complicated muddle
of a world of floods and factions,
yet beauty and bounty,
of a city of food insecurity and housing shortage,
yet creativity and community
of a neighbourhood of gang shootings and crack houses,
yet tenacity and spirit.

May we see with hope.
May we speak with courage.
May we feel with compassion.

As we gather from the diversity of our days,
from the responsibilities: overwhelming and purposeful
from the relationships: demanding and delightful
from the encounters: fleeting and meaningful
from the habits: distracting and prayerful
from the structures: limiting and useful
from the movements: rushing and wonderful

May we be a grounded people
able to attend to this work with wisdom and discernment.
May we be a caring people
able to honour one another with respect and grace.
May we be a grateful people
able to embrace this moment with blessing and love.