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The Centre for Christian Studies offers integrative education in ministry, with a particular focus on diaconal ministry.


Decisions regarding admissions are made by the CCS registrar with the assistance of CCS Program Staff and Principal.

Learning Guidelines

The Program Overview and Certificate/Diploma descriptions outline the course and activity components of the CCS program. As well, the following learning guidelines are used by student colleagues and Program Staff in the Review of Learnings / Assessment process during the LDM and Learning Circles and by Program Staff in the final year end review.  We believe that an acceptable degree of competence is essential in each category of the guidelines in order for a student to complete the program and we believe that every person always has more to learn.


The LDM and/or Theme Year Learning Circles can be audited, with the permission of Program Staff.

Students wishing to audit must meet program the prerequisites.  The Leadership Development Module is the normal prerequisite for auditing other Learning Circles but equivalencies will be considered (e.g. Experience in ministry, documented leadership development learnings, graduation from CCS in the past). Students are expected to function (read and write) at a university level, and present a letter of good standing if they are currently registered at another school.

Students auditing a Learning Circle or LDM will be expected to do the readings and take part in group discussions, activities, student-led projects, worship, etc., but are not required to complete written assignments or do a field placement. Auditing students will receive no credit for the LDM or Learning Circle.

Cost: The cost for auditing an LDM or Learning Circle is eqivalent to the cost of an LDM for credit. See Tuitions for precise amounts.

Prior Learning Assessment

Students who wish to have prior knowledge and skills gained through life and work experience recognized as equivalent to portions of the diaconal diploma program can apply for a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). It is a rigorous process that involves the preparation of a portfolio documenting the applicant’s experience and learnings in relation to CCS’s learning guidelines.

Joint Degrees Programs

CCS has agreements with St. Stephen’s College and the University of Winnipeg Faculty of Theology allowing CCS courses to count for credit toward a Master of Theological Studies degree, a Bachelor of Theological Studies degree, a Master of Arts degree, or a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Program Policies

Students and program staff are accountable to policies set by the Program Committee. Issues addressed by policies include computer requirements, plagiarism, appeals, and accomodations for students with physical, strucutural, or pedagogical limitations.

Student Status

Active Student: A student who has been admitted into a CCS course or program and is registered for a Theme Year, Reflection Year, Integration Year, or LDM.

Inactive Student: A student who has been admitted into a CCS program but is NOT registered for a Theme Year, Reflection Year, Integration Year, or LDM. It is assumed that while a student is inactive they will not be accumulating credit through external courses for a CCS certificate or diploma.

Former Student: A student who has successfully completed the requirements for their LDM, certificate, or diploma program, or has withdrawn or been removed from the program.

Conditional Status: Applied to a student when concerns about the student’s ability or appropriateness to continue warrant particular attention, or when a student is allowed to proceed to the next year of the program but has not successfully completed the requirements for the current year. Students may also be placed on Conditional Status when fees or fines are outstanding.

Incomplete: A student who has not successfully completed the requirements of the course/year or who is otherwise unable to continue in the program.

Withdrawn: A student who has conveyed in writing their withdrawal from the CCS program.

Removed: A student who has been removed from the CCS program because of failure to meet conditions outlined in Conditional Status, or as a result of staff assessment that they are unsuitable/unable to continue in the program, or as a result of of outcomes of procedures of the HarrassmentScreening or other Policies.

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To request official or unofficial transcripts, please contact the CCS Registrar. The cost is $15 per copy.