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Bob HaverluckBob Haverluck is theologian and artist storyteller who works with community groups using the arts to help engage issues of conflict and violence against the earth and her creatures.

His most recent book is When God Was Flesh and Wild: Stories in Defense of the Earth, a collection of biblical re-tellings and provocative cartoons, including…

  • The King of Bigger and More
  • When God Was Flesh and Wild
  • Little Sparrows See God Fall, and
  • Jailbird John and the Choirs of the Creatures

The stories in this collection re-claim God’s peculiar and particular love for the earth and all creatures.  Both found and forgotten throughout the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, these stories and related teachings demand attention in our ecologically troubled times.  Storyteller and cartoonist Bob Haverluck re-casts them in ways whimsical, at times harsh, and persistently hopeful.  The poetically turned stories, together with the provocative drawings, lead us backwards in order that we might go forward… something like skunks and porcupines.

Including a foreword by Ched Myers; a postscript with story sources, themes, and ways the stories have been used; original songs; and 55 drawings.

COST: $28 + postage.  Bob is a friend of the Centre for Christian Studies and is donating the profits from his book sales to CCS, so not only do you get a book that inspires hope, mirth, and action, you support a fine school.


  • Stop by the CCS office (60 Maryland St., Winnipeg).
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  • Phone us at 204.783.4490 with credit card information
  • Mail us a cheque payable to the Centre for Christian Studies to “Centre for Christian Studies, attn: Haverluck, 60 Maryland Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 1K7”

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3 Books by Bob Haverluck

You can also order three of the stories – When God Was Flesh and Wild, The King of Bigger and More, and Little Sparrows See God Fall – as stand-alone picture books.  $10 each + postage (if you want us to mail them to you.)

When God was Flesh and Wild follows Jesus on his vision-quest into the “bush garden”, the wilderness along the Jordan River.

The King of Bigger and More is a childlike story for adults.  It tells of an arrogant king whose good news building schemes are bad news for the creatures beyond the king’s great city.  Is this recasting of a King Nebuchadnezzar legend a once-upon-a-time story or a time-and-time-again story?

Little Sparrows See God Fall takes place in the unholy city during the last days of Jesus, the shepherd of the wild garden.  The unwelcome mat is out for such a disturber of the peace as Jesus.  But what if death’s worst only precipitates a resurrection?

bob-haverluckBob Haverluck is an artist storyteller who works with community groups using the arts to help engage issues of conflict and violence against the earth and her creatures.  Recently he has been resident artist for three year-long arts-based ecology projects attentive to rivers, lakes and forests.  His drawings have appeared in Harpers, New Statesman, Arts: Arts in Religious and Theological Studies, etc.  Bob has led courses and conferences on the arts, the bible and social change with particular attention to the role of comedy and community.  These have included times in Chicago, Toronto, Cape Town, Vancouver, etc.  (Bob has also been a workshop resource person at the Centre for Christian Studies.)  From 2001-2003 Bob was artist-in-residence at the University of Winnipeg.  His book publications include Love Your Enemies and Other Neighbours… and Peace/Conflict Studies.  Bob was awarded the “first prize” for “Poetry” Canadian Church Press Awards (2004); “Award of Excellence” for Graphic Humor by Associated Church Press Awards (2005); YMCA Canada Peace Medal (1994); McGeachy Senior Scholarship (2013 & 1992), and D.D. (honoris causa) St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon (1996).

(Illustrations on this page copyright Bob Haverluck.)

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  1. Pam Brown says:

    I’m intrigued… Inspired – can’t wait to dig into these as well as show them to others!
    For adults, our children and youth — the pics (I am imagining) will provide an immediate jumping off place for conversation and provocation. They seem to immediately “stir”…..I’m stoked!

  2. CCS says:

    Yeah, Pam, they’re pretty great. Lots to chew on.

  3. bill burns says:

    has Bob written (cartooned (!) on the Fate of being an
    Indigenous person in the City of Winnipeg? has he any
    idea why there exists, what I think of, as a cruel indifference
    to such obvious (and visible) suffering …

    • CCS says:

      Good question, Bill. Bob says he has an anti-racism comic book that came out after the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry. (I think it’s called “Confessions of a Jailbird”.) It was developed from conversations with students at Rossbrook House and the JOURNEYS Literacy program.

  4. Sue McKee-Petersen says:

    Hey “Bobby”…Tis moi, Sue McKee-Petersen! What a gift to open the paper last week-end to read about all your accomplishments. 202 Davidson was it not?? Friend me…phone 204-648-5657.. Love your paintings??

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