Reflection Year

Many students opt to take one or more “reflection years” during the course of their CCS program. Some use it as an opportunity to work on external courses.

The purpose of a Reflection Year is:

  • To provide opportunities for intentional reflection and integration of learning
  • To provide opportunities to be accountable for work identified for the reflection period
  • To provide opportunities for active CCS students, not in a Theme Year or Integrating Year, to be in relationship with CCS students and staff

See the “Student Status Policy” for the difference between a Reflection Year student and an Inactive Student.

The specific expectations for the Reflection Year curriculum will be negotiated with each student.  Generally, the expectations for a Reflection Year would include:

  • learning goals, incorporating any requirements identified by staff for the reflection period
  • a learning partnership with another CCS student.
  • corresponding with learning partner and, where required, CCS staff, regarding assignments and learning goals.
  • assessment periodically and at the conclusion.

Additional requirements that might be included in a Reflection Year, include, but are not limited to:

  • spiral reflection assignments
  • Spiritual Direction
  • vocational discernment
  • therapy
  • mentoring relationship
  • completion of outstanding Theme Year or Integrating Year assignments

The expectations for completion of the requirements for a Reflection Year and the consequences of incompletion will be determined at the beginning of each Reflection Year.  If a student is unable to fulfill the expectations for a Reflection Year the results may range from a recommendation for reflection on the reasons and the establishment of future learning goals as a result to the inability to proceed in the program.

Reflection Years will be noted on the student’s transcript, but not assessed as complete/incomplete, except where completion of the requirements is required for continuation in the program.

The tuition for a Reflection Year will be determined within the range established annually by the Finance Committee.