Global Perspectives

Each year CCS students, usually in their Integrating Year, travel to another part of the world to broaden their understanding of themselves, their theological convictions, and their role in marginalization/oppression and justice-making in the global context.

CCS students help out in the fields in Guatemala

This experience (approximately 12 days) is planned by the students themselves, and is carried out in cooperation with a partner of the either The Anglican Church of Canada or The United Church of Canada in a part of the world where the is an opportunity to learn from and with people who continue to be significantly affected by colonization/oppression/underdevelopment.  The experience is preceded by an intensive period of orientation and is followed by various approached to integrating the learnings emerging from the experience.


  • to experience the complexities of domination and privilege through being a minority in a culture in which we have, and represent, significant power
  • to deepen our understanding of the effects of globalization
  • to engage in biblical and theological reflection with people whose biblical interpretation and theological understandings are influenced by the enduring legacy of colonization and oppression and to learn from these perspectives
  • to make theological, social, political, and economic connections between Canadian and global contexts
  • to experience life in a context that is significantly outside the comfort zone of the participants
  • to integrate this experience into our practice of ministry
  • to deepen our understanding of solidarity and accompaniment, their meaning and expressions

CCS student in the Middle East


Students wishing to take part in a Global Perspectives Experience should submit a GPE Proposal to Program Staff. See also GPE Expectations.