Do you know someone who has gifts for ministry? Someone you think is called to transform the church and the world towards wholeness, justice and compassion? Someone who would like to better integrate their faith, life, and leadership?

Why not give them a tap on the shoulder?


At one point the Centre for Christian Studies had “tap on the shoulder” cards, that people could give to someone they thought had gifts for leadership, inviting them to think about exploring their calling and deepening their skills at CCS.  But you don’t need a card to recommend CCS to someone.  Just talk to them, send them an email, write them a note.  Sometimes a nudge is all it takes to open someone to the possibility of transformation.

Here is one story of the power of the personal contact and “tapping someone on the shoulder”:

“Through my conversations with Bob, I learned that he was very active in social justice work at his church and in the wider community. I recognized that his views, his life philosophy, and his experiences were a perfect match to the ethos of CCS. He was at a point in his life when he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing. During a conversation about my call, I saw a chance to encourage him in considering a diaconal vocation.”

– Linda Clark, Diaconal Minister,
Hamilton, Ontario


“I was touched to receive the butterfly card from Linda, which led me to explore the CCS website, then to apply for the LDM. The LDM opened my eyes to how inclusive and inspiring education can be. Our group of 14 students and 2 teachers formed perhaps the deepest community I have ever been part of, and the teaching and worship sessions were among the most engaging I have ever experienced. I came away from the LDM with a much greater faith in the possibilities of teamwork, and a renewed faith in the church.”

– Bob McMillan, former CCS student,
St. Catherine’s, Ontario