CCS Sunday – November 3, 2019

Please join us on November 3 in supporting the current and future leadership of the church by celebrating the Centre for Christian Studies.

Why celebrate CCS Sunday? 

Students come to CCS to learn the wisdom and skills for transformation, of themselves and the world, through God’s love and the ministry modelled by Jesus. The church, as lived out in our communities and congregations, needs committed and skilled leaders. We need people who carry the hope of the world. and work with and uplift the leadership of all. Celebrating CCS Sunday supports our student ministers and highlights the valuable work of our schools.

How to Celebrate CCS Sunday

  • Put a picture of gathered staff and students on your website.
    Find one here.
  • Include CCS students in your prayers.
  • Show a 5 minute video about the Centre for Christian Studies.
    Find it here.
  • Share a student story during a minute for mission or as an insert in your bulletin. See links below.
  • Invite a student or graduate to preach.
  • Use worship resources especially written for CCS Sunday.
    Find them here.
  • Check out the pictures on flickr to illustrate your power point.
  • Take an offering to support student bursaries at CCS. See tips below.
  • Encourage lay leaders and other congregation members to take a course at CCS, either in person or on-line. Great for clergy continuing studies too! Find out more here.
  • Tell someone about CCS who you think has a call to ministry!

Stories to share

Bear Clan Patrol, St. Catharines

Power & Privilege and Continuing Studies

Worship resources

The Scriptures we are focusing on for the day are: Ephesians 1:11-23 and Luke 6: 20-31.  

November 3 is All Saints Sunday, a day when, traditionally, all the saints who didn’t have a designated day were honoured. But a saint isn’t just someone with exceptional faith but everyone who is part of the body of Christ. They are made up of the everyday people that surround us— a complicated mix of sinner and saint—who all strive to live in Jesus’ love. It’s also a day to remember the “cloud of witnesses” – faithful members of our community who have been beacons of love, but who are no longer with us. 

In Ephesians 1:11-23 we read about gifts that are present in the community of Jesus Christ: Faith and power that enables our love “for all the saints” [and for enemies]; a spirit of wisdom; the openness of the eyes of our hearts; hope; and an inheritance. 

At the Centre for Christian Studies, those saints around us, and those who have gone before, have all been part of sharing the community of love to which Jesus points. In Luke 6: 20-31 , this faith results in radical behavior that models a way of justice e.g. loving your enemies and doing good towards them, blessing those who curse you, praying for those who abuse you, turning your cheek, giving away your clothes and helping everyone who begs. All of which culminates with the simple-to-say, but not-so-simple-to-do prompt to “do unto others as you would have them do to you”. 

On this day designated as the Centre for Christian Studies Sunday, we celebrate the ways in which CCS students and graduates are learning a radical way of loving. We celebrate the churches, social ministries, and organizations where they minister or carry out ministry field placements, and we celebrate those who accompany this work: co-workers and colleagues, learning facilitators, mentors, and local committee members who offer their wisdom and help students learn. 

CCS Sunday is a day to promote a kind of theological education that is community centered and justice oriented.

Call to Worship, Collect, Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession, Commission, Reflection thoughts (see below)

Cloud source Kimiko Karpoff reflects on her Cloud of Witnesses (downloadable pdf version)

Karen Orlandi (r) helps prepare volunteers to walk with Bear Clan Patrol,
St. Catharines.

Photographs and images

Find photographs to illustrate these stories and uplift CCS Sunday here. This includes banners for your powerpoint.
Or go to and search for Centre for Christian Studies under “people.”

Donations and Tax Receipts

— Tips for taking offerings and donations in support of CCS student bursaries

  • If you want your donation to go to student bursaries, specifically mention that with your donation.
  • The Centre for Christian Studies can receive donations by credit card if the donor wishes to make a donation by calling CCS (204-783-4490) or online through our DONATE NOW button at
  • Tax receipts are available to people who make a personal donation to the Centre for Christian Studies by cheque. All donations of $20 or more are eligible for receipts. Make sure that the cheques you send have the following information on them so we can prepare a tax receipt:
    • Donor’s name
    • Donor’s full mailing address
    • Donor’s telephone number and e-mail address
    • The amount of the donation
  • Tax receipts cannot be processed until the congregation sends the funds to CCS.
  • Processing tax receipts takes approximately two weeks after the donation has been received.
  • The money raised and donor information (for charitable receipts) should be received within two weeks of the event.

Link to CCS Sunday, 2018 with different stories and resources.