Blast from the Past

The old CCS building on Charles Street, then and now.

pelican in flight

Image of the Week – Pelican

Pelicans don’t really pierce their own chests with their beaks and feed their young with the blood, but the writers of medieval bestiaries thought they did.

Image of the Week – Roots

What are the roots of your faith, and how does it feel when those roots are exposed by erosion?

Oriole’s Bus Tour

Alumna Oriole Veldhuis (1961) took a group on a bus tour of locations featured in her book “For Elise.”

Sheep Fast Asleep

Kuriko Fujiyoshi joined Lori Stewart in leading the Christmas Carol Hitsuji Wa Nemure Ri (Sheep Fast Asleep) this afternoon at CCS’s Cookies and Carols.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela was a great example of hope, justice, and transformation.

Didn’t Our Hearts Burn Within Us?

Fire drill at Woodsworth House this morning. IY students were happy for the break.

Glass Jar in a Blue Sock

Barbara Hansen’s personal smoothie concoctions have been a staple of learning circles since she start at CCS in 2009.

LDM New Westminster

LDM New Westminster

Again, I was privileged to facilitate the Leadership Development Module from June 4-16. This time I was co-leading with recent CCS graduate, Kimiko Karpoff. Ten very engaged students expressed deep appreciation for this powerful learning experience. At each LDM, I am struck by the rich mix of the CCS approach to education.
We invest a lot of time building community and developing a sense of trust. We are “big” on teaming, respecting differences, and honouring diversity. Self-awareness grows in this relational setting where many experience a sense of safety to share themselves at a deep level.
We offer experiential learning with lots of creativity and “hands on” learning. The model incorporates a participatory action and contemplative reflection, prayerfulness and playfulness.
We tend to start with an affirmative stance; each participant is seen as a worthwhile and valuable child of God. Students are not empty vessels waiting to be filled, but adults with gifts and talents, experiences and backgrounds that form and shape who they are. That being said we also devote much time to evaluation; every time we turn around an opportunity to share feedback is extended.
The hallmark of your pedagogy is transformative integration. People are changed in the process of learning about themselves, working with others and the journey of faith. We strive to hold together heart and head, theory and practice, mind and spirit, the personal and the political, being and doing.
Ted Dodd