Integrating Year

The Integrating Year is intended to be a time when students have the opportunity to incorporate their learnings – theory and practice, faith and action. It includes a review of each of the major theological themes of the program, preparation for the transition out of student life and work, final review of denominational requirements and resources, and a major focus on incorporating global perspectives.

The Integrating Year is designed somewhat contextually and responsively, based on an analysis of the course of study during the theme years for each of the students and on specific issues which the students want to address more fully – either individually or as a group. In preparation for the Integrating year, eligible students are asked to identify the areas in ministry they want to cover in the coming year. In order to accomplish this task with intentionality, they are requested to develop and complete a learning plan. The work incorporated in the learning plan averages a time commitment of 10-12 hours per week and may include: research and writing; interviews; counselling; mini field placements; volunteering; workshops/retreats; etc.

Topics explored during the Integrating Year

Diaconal Formation:

  • Diaconal Profiles
  • Ecumenical Connections
  • Future of Diaconal Ministry


  • Theological Method
  • Creeds and Articles of Faith
  • Who is God?  Creator
  • Who is God?  Christology
  • Who is God? Spirit/Sophia
  • Who is God?  Who are we?
  • Who is God?  What is our task?
  • Empire

Global Perspectives Experience:

  • Preparation
  • Reflection
  • Integration


  • Church Governance (national and local)
  • Church Polity
  • Placement of Clergy/Ministry Personnel
  • Church/Parish Administration
  • Archives


  • Authority and Interpretation
  • Ministry and Bible


  • Ministry/Clergy Ethics
  • Sexual Abuse Policies
  • Screening


  • Theology
  • Resources

Ministry Issues:

  • Rural and Isolated Ministry
  • Building Support Networks
  • Starting Well
  • Empire