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Centre for Christian Studies, Imagine Church Differently


Key Messages:

(The following key messages represent the foundation of communication materials, ensuring a consistent message to all audiences. The key messages are not designed to be used verbatim, but to be positioned for unique audiences.)

1.      We are a school that engages in a living theology: creating, interpreting, and practising it in our daily lives.

2.      CCS students learn to be servant leaders – inside the church and outside the church – through practice, reflection on personal experience, engagement with community, and academic study.

3.      We question.

4.      We are grounded in “diakonia”: the call to serve those in the margins of society.  Our students follow Jesus into community, building bridges between the church and the world.

5.      We don’t just teach about inclusion and social justice, we try to model it.

6.      Our graduates are agents of change, creating space for justice and compassion.