Certificate Program

CCS offers Certificates in Pastoral Care, Social Justice and Educational Ministry.

The Year Long Certificate Program is for students who want to engage with one or more Theme Years in the CCS program, but don’t want to do the full Diaconal Training Program. The Leadership Development Certificate is the prerequisite for entering into a Year Long Certificate program.


The minimal  requirements for the each Year Long Certificate are:

-meeting admission standards and processes

Successful Completion of:
Leadership Development Module
-One Theme Year, including the Field Placement, Learning Circles and all of the assignments related to the Theme Year (Education & Liturgy, Pastoral Care, Social Justice)

Students earning a certificate through these requirements would be granted, for example, a Certificate in Leadership Development and Educational & Liturgical Ministry. It is possible to earn up to three year long certificates, so for example, a Certificate in Leadership Development; Pastoral, Social and Educational & Liturgical Ministry.

Supplemental Requirements

In addition to the minimum requirements, some students may have taken, or may elect to take, additional External courses.  For students in this category the additional work may be recognized in their certificate in this way: a Certificate in Leadership Development and Educational Ministry with Supplemental Course work in New Testament; or Certificate in Leadership Development and Pastoral Care with Supplemental CAPPE Unit; or,  Certificate in Leadership Development, Social Justice and Educational & Liturgical Ministry with Supplemental Biblical Studies.  The certificate would be designed contextually, with an effort to reflect the focus of the work and to keep the length reasonable.