About You – Beth Baskin

In Beth’s words:

“ My name is Beth Baskin and I graduated from CCS in Toronto in 1990 as an Anglican with a specialty in Youth Ministry. Of the last 21 years of paid professional lay ministry I have managed to be employed for seven and a bit years within the Anglican Church, twelve within the United Church and almost a year with KAIROS. Yes, there is some unemployed time in there too, but there are real advantages to going to an ecumenical school. Although I was originally from BC I am firmly transplanted in Ontario now and have ministered primarily in the City of Toronto. My past work has included all aspects of the diploma program with stints of children, youth and adult Christian education along with some pastoral care and a strong streak of outreach and social justice work.

I am now The Social Justice Coordinator for Toronto Southeast Presbytery. The Social Justice Project is a brand new two year project within the presbytery inspire and give life to congregations wishing to engage in social justice ministry. This coordinator will assist people to translate their beliefs and principles into actions and activities that reflect their spirit and passion and faith.

This is an exciting opportunity that will have me leading workshops, listening and telling stories, supporting people in their advocacy work and many other tasks waiting to be discovered. I identify myself as a educator and facilitator whose work is deeply grounded in my faith and who seeks places to work where I can change the world. This feels like the right fit at this time.

I could not have predicted where my CCS training might take me, but give thanks for the practical field based approach to learning and for the challenges of my Core group along with the incredible support of the staff that have enabled to take that training and learn from it to become the minister I am today.

In addition to my work I love to read, sew, volunteer with Scouts Canada and play outdoors in tents and canoes with my husband Keith, daughter Morgan (15) and son Liam (10)” – Beth Baskin

June Leadership Development Module

Seven men and women from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, gathered for two weeks at Woodsworth House in Winnipeg for the Leadership Development Module. There was lots of learning, great singing, profound moments of worship, creative play, hard work, and LOTS of laughter. One interesting feature of this LDM group was that they ate communally for the most part – going out on the first day to buy groceries, and replenishing stocks as they went on. It was a fine community and they brought a lot of life to Centre.

Of the seven participants, two plan to carry on into the Pastoral Care Year in the fall, and two others are thinking about coming back for a certificate year in Social Ministry in 2012.

CCS at MNWO Conference

Charlotte Caron, Ted Dodd and Ann Naylor from CCS attended the United Church Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario meetings in Kenora, ON during the last weekend in May. Ted chaired the Conference Visioning and Critical Reflection Committee which helps the Conference keep grounded in its theology. Charlotte participated in a presentation called “A Prairie Banquet” outlining the resources for theological education in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. These two provinces have five United Church schools / centers with a rich and varied array of learning opportunities—Centre for Christian Studies with its focus on preparation for diaconal ministries, Dr. Jessie Saulteaux Centre with its dual focus of training people for Aboriginal ministries and cross cultural work, University of Winnipeg which offers courses, certificates and degrees in theology, Calling Lakes with the Designated Lay Ministry program, continuing education and lay training, and St. Andrew’s College which emphasizes preparation for ordained ministry in rural settings. We, the five institutions collectively and individually, have much to offer the Church in these areas!

Coming out the other side

The last couple of weeks at CCS has been Leadership Development Module time. An intense, profound, and BUSY time. As a result, I haven’t been able to get the updates up on the blog. Luckily Marc has still been keeping the constituency up to date through email, so if you get the bi-weekly emails, a lot of this will be “old news”.

Mindful Munching – World Parliament of Religions

Lynda Trono will speak about her recent participation at the World Parliament of Religions in Australia on Friday, May 6, 11:45 AM – 1 PM at the CCS House, 60 Maryland Street in Winnipeg.  Bring a lunch, and RSVP to Marc if you’d like to come.

Lynda will share her experience of the Parliament of the World’s Religions using video footage, power point and the ancient art of conversation. Come and share her excitement at encountering other faith traditions and learning about their efforts towards peace and justice. The Charter for Compassion, the Children’s Charter for Compassion and the Peace Next social network will also be part of the discussion.

New Principal Announced

The Centre for Christian Studies is pleased to announce the appointment of Maylanne Maybee as its new Principal. 

“The Centre for Christian Studies is an exceptional school of experiential learning for people dedicated to the Church’s ministry of service, mission and justice. I look forward to the adventurous days ahead – days of exploration, collaboration and deep learning”, noted Maylanne.

Maylanne Maybee brings a lifelong passion for social justice and a deep understanding and lived experience of servant ministry. Educated at Trinity College, The University of Toronto and Oxford University, her more recent studies have focused on racial justice and reconciliation, just and responsible tourism in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, transformational leadership, and conflict mediation.

An Anglican deacon for over thirty years, Maybee has worked to promote the renewal of the diaconate as a distinct order and ministry within the Anglican Church.  In mentoring a growing body of Anglican deacons, she has developed her own capacities as a theologian particularly in the areas of ecclesiology and mission.  Maybee also has several publications to her credit, including All Who Minister: New Ways of Serving God’s People, a collection of case studies of innovative models of ministry.

Prior to her appointment at the Centre, Maybee worked for a decade and a half for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, first as Coordinator, Mission and Justice Education and then as Coordinator for Ecojustice Networks;   Earlier, she worked for the Diocese of Toronto as Coordinator for Diaconal Ministry, as Deacon in charge, St. Matthias, Parkdale (Toronto), and for the Canadian Non-Profit Housing Foundation as Founding Executive Director; with the Urban Core Support Network as Staff Coordinator, and with the Parkdale Community Ministry as Coordinator.  She also worked as a chaplain and educator at a private girls’ school in Oakville.

Maylanne’s work in the church and community is testimony to the centrality of her commitment to social justice.  Her skills as an educator have been employed to engage others in the work of justice and mission.  Her involvements have fostered her own analytical thinking from a feminist and liberationist perspective.  She brings vision for future directions, gifts as an educator and communicator, and solid administrative and management experience. Much of her work has been ecumenical including her leadership experience and collaborative involvement with the United Church of Canada.   Thus she has a solid grounding in the ethos and polity of both denominations which should serve the Centre well.  In addition to looking ahead, Maybee can also offer some historical perspective on the Centre, having served as a Co-Chair of Council at the time the Centre’s moved to Winnipeg in 1998.

A Prayer for the Church

We will keep practicing love until we get it right:

 Drawn to the round table, living in life-centered diversity of community

We will keep celebrating the sacred until we embody it.

In authenticity and prayer, an embodiment of Christ, an embodiment of spirituality

We will keep calling for justice until it prevails.

As a critical yet hopeful, prophetic minority

Following a deeper understanding of the way of the cross.

 We will keep longing for kin(g)dom until kin(g)dom comes.

 Teaching love and justice, making earth like heaven.

                                                            Written by Bob McMillan, Jacqueline Samson, gwen McAllister, Ted Dodd and Alice Watsonm

                                                            April 2011 Spring Learning Circle Educational Ministry Year

Annual Service of Celebration

This Sunday (April 3rd) at 3pm at St. George’s Anglican Church Crescentwood, 168 Wilton Street, Winnipeg, the Centre for Christian Studies holds its annual Service of Celebration to acknowledge the students who are graduating from the Diploma in Diaconal Ministries program this year, and to honour Mary Ellen Moore who is being named a Companion of the Centre.  All  are welcome.  If you’d like to leave a congratulatory message for the grads or companion, please feel free.

We have posted video and audio from the service.  You can click here to listen to an MP3 of the Service of Celebration (or right click to save the target to your computer).  [Apologies – the sound quality is not as good as I would have liked.]  Here is the order of service, if you’d like to follow along at home!

Here is the graduation and the blessing of the grads from the Saturday night banquet:

A reflection on the absurdity of being called to diaconal ministry, by the grads at the Annual Service of Celebration:

Acknowledgement of the graduates and presentation of grad pins and towels.  (The towel is a traditional symbol of diaconal ministry.) :

Honouring the 2011 Companion of the Centre – Mary Ellen Moore:

Leave a Message for our Grads and Companion

This upcoming weekend is a big one for the Centre for Christian Studies.  This is the weekend when we celebrate the graduation of five students who have completed their training in diaconal ministry – Vicky Aldersley, Mary Elliott, Kimiko Karpoff, Debra Kigar, and Mary Elizabeth Piercy.  It’s also the weekend when we celebrate Mary Ellen Moore for her contributions to ministry, the church, and the Centre for Christian Studies by naming her as a Companion of the Centre.

The celebrations take place this Saturday night at a banquet, and Sunday afternoon (3 pm) at a worship service being held at St. George’s Crescentwood Anglican church in Winnipeg.

Mary Ellen is from Red Deer, Alberta.  Vicky comes from Oakville, Ontario.  Kimiko comes from New Westminster, BC.  Mary Elizabeth is from Bracebridge, Ontario, and both Mary and Deb are from Hamilton, Ontario.  No doubt they have friends and supporters from all over who would like to express their congratulations and best wishes.  Here is your opportunity!

Leave a comment below for any of our grads and Companion (or all of them as a group!).  Let them know you’re thinking about them and wishing them well.

(If you would like to send a greeting but you don’t want the whole world to see it, you can email Scott at info@ccsonline.ca and he will pass it along to the appropriate person.)

Pray For Us

The Integrating Year Learning Circle starts tomorrow as final year CCS students enter their last two weeks before graduation.  Next week Thursday the Educational Ministry Learning Circle will arrive for two weeks of learning.  That Friday (April 1, no joke) the members of the CCS Central Council will be gathering in Winnipeg for two days of meeting.  Then on Saturday is a grad banquet and introduction to the Companion of the Centre – Mary Ellen Moore, followed by the CCS Annual Service of Celebration on Sunday at 3pm (St. George’s Anglican Church, 168 Wilton).  Seriously, for the next three or four weeks, this joint is going to be jumping!

If ever we needed your prayers, it’s now.

The Centre for Christian Prayer Cycle is an invitation for friends and supporters of CCS to keep us in your prayers in an intentional and sustained way.  The prayer cycle focuses on a different part of the CCS community each month (eg. students, staff, volunteers, alumni, etc.).  You can pray for us anything, and whenever you feel like it, but if you’re looking for a day, why not on or around the 26th of each month.  (The 26th of December is the feast day of St. Stephen, one of the earliest diaconal ministers,  and from that the worldwide diaconal community has taken the 26th of each month as a significant day of remembering the gift and the calling of diakonia.)

You can download the CCS prayer cycle from the CCS website or directly from here.

Anglican Friends of CCS, Please Join Us

Thursday March 31 from 4 -5:30 pm at the Centre for Christian Studies (Woodsworth House, 60 Maryland St.) we invite you to join us for punch and conversation about the work of our school.

Council Co-Chairs, Jim Boyles from Toronto and Carolynne Bouey-Shank from Calgary, Anglican Council members from across the country, and Charlotte Caron, Acting Principal of CCS will be in attendance.

RSVP Charlotte at ccaron@ccsonline.ca or Liz at 204 783 4490.

Arts & Hospitality Podcast

The podcast from last month’s Mindful Munchin’ presentation by barb janes on The Arts and Hospitality is now available.  Barb spent her sabbatical researching various ways that churches have formed hospitable relationships with the arts and artists.  She is working on a book (maybe) which will be called (maybe) “Inviting Wonder” (maybe).  She accompanied her presentation with slides from the Refinery at St. James Anglican in Saskatoon, Old Stone Church and Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, and Trinity St. Paul United in Toronto.

The audio podcast of this presentation is now available.  Just right-click on the link below (ctrl-click if you’re on Mac without a right click button) and choose “Save target as…”  Or you can just click the link and it will play in your browser.  The podcast is a 47 minutes MP3 (25 MB).

“The Arts & Hospitality”

The next Mindful Munchin’ is tomorrow with Amy Crawford discussing Children’s Spirituality.

Marc Desrosiers – Development and Community Relations

The Centre for Christian Studies is pleased to announce that Marc Desrosiers will be joining our staff on March 15 as the Development and Community Relations Coordinator.  Marc has many years of development experience.  Most recently he has served as Director of Development and Alumni, The Salvation Army Booth University College in Winnipeg.  Previously he has worked for Lutheran and Roman Catholic fund raising projects, as well as for University of Manitoba, Brandon University and the Red Cross.  CCS has long used a relational style of fund raising and alumni/ae relations which makes Marc a good fit.  He is highly trained, experienced and award-winning in the fields of Philanthropy, Alumni Relations and Institutional Management at the University College level.  We are delighted to welcome Marc to our team!

Marion Pope is Alive!

OK, this is not news to anybody, least of all to Marion herself, but an error in an early draft of the CCS annual report had her included among the list of CCS alumni and friends who had passed away in 2010.  We corrected this mistake fairly quickly, but not before a couple of people read her name there and were suprised.  Luckily they had the wherewithal to check first before sending flowers and letters of condolence.

Marion was honoured as a Companion of the Centre in 2003 and has been a good friend of CCS.  We take this opportunity to celebrate Marion and the fact that “rumours of her death are greatly exaggerated” and to apologize for the mix up.