Congratulations Are In Order 2017

Ian and Charmain hand-to-hand
Integrating Year students Ian McLean and Joshua Ward

This weekend is CCS’s Annual Service of Celebration.  At the banquet on Saturday two students – Ian McLean and Josh Ward – will receive their Diplomas in Diaconal Ministries.  At the worship service on Sunday, they will share a reflection and be recognized as grads.

Linda Ervin
Linda Ervin, 2017 Companion of the Centre

Also at the service on Sunday, Linda Ervin will be honoured as a Companion of the Centre.

Ann Naylor

As well at the banquet and the service we will be offering tribute to CCS program staff member Ann Naylor who is leaving the Centre to go on long-term disability.

Please be part of our celebration this weekend …

  • by coming in person,
  • or by leaving a personal comment below congratulating any of our graduates or our new Companion or expressing appreciation for Ann,
  • or by inviting your congregation or faith community to pray for us this weekend.

Integrating Year Spring Circle Starts

Ah spring, when a young theology student’s thoughts turn to graduation!

Josh Ward and Ian McLean began their final learning circle today before they graduate from the Centre for Christian Studies’ Diploma in Diaconal Ministries program this weekend.  Over this coming week they will plan for the worship service this Sunday, reflect on their personal credos, explore polity and changes within the church, think about ways to build support networks in their ministry, and continue making connections between their ministry and the need to work for right relations and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Continue reading “Integrating Year Spring Circle Starts”

Spiral It Out

Next week CCS diaconal ministry students from across Canada pour back into Winnipeg for learning circles.  We’re looking forward to the energy and the spirit of engagement they bring with them.

Meghan Witzel, a third year student currently in the Educational & Liturgical Ministry Year, offers this reflection on how the Centre for Christian Studies program has changed her…

Continue reading “Spiral It Out”

Principal Interviews

Woodsworth House, home of CCS

Candidates for the position of Principal of the Centre for Christian Studies are meeting today at Woodsworth House in Winnipeg with the CCS staff, current principal Maylanne Maybee, and the CCS Search Committee.  Tonight they will meet with some invited members of the broader CCS community.  We are grateful that these candidates have put themselves forward and we appreciate their willingness to offer their gifts.

Please pray for them and for the Centre as we discern who our next Principal will be.

Ann Teaches Us To Stand

This month CCS program staff member Ann Naylor received approval to move from “medical leave” to “long-term disability.”  At our recent Annual General Meeting, CCS student Anita Rowland delivered this tribute to Ann…

Anita Rowland

I don’t know how many of you remember your first few minutes at CCS or your first conversation with Ann but for me, those two things took place at the same time.  Within minutes of walking through the door of CCS for the fall learning circle, Ann had greeted me.  So early in the morning no one else was around yet.  We talked about how long tea can be reused, moved on to the subject of quilting, and then, to the handwork of previous generations of women; and the self-expression which found voice through their work.  Continue reading “Ann Teaches Us To Stand”

2017 Annual General Meeting – March 2

Calling all friends of CCS!  Please join us for our Annual General Meeting on March 2, 2017 at 6:00pm CST.

If you’re in the Winnipeg area, feel free to come by Woodsworth House at 60 Maryland.  If you’re from further afield (the CCS community stretches all across Canada) you can join us by conference call.  Just call or email Cheryl at the CCS office ( ) and she’ll send you the appropriate numbers. Continue reading “2017 Annual General Meeting – March 2”


Canada 150

The dominant group in any nation state often resorts to nostalgia, to mental or cultural ellipses, and to general forgetfulness in search of meanings and definitions to serve its own ideological needs of the moment.

-Quoted in Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry, p. 75

CCS Program Staff member David Lappano reflects on Canada’s sesquicentennial… Continue reading “Ellipses”

Book Your Table at the Banquet

The students in the CCS Integrating Year are one month away from graduating!  Plan to be part of the celebration.  Festivities start on the evening of March 25th with a banquet at St. George’s Anglican Church Crescentwood (168 Wilton Street, Winnipeg).  Tickets are $45 ($20 for CCS students).  You can get an individual ticket just for yourself, or buy tickets for all your friends and family.  (Heck, even if you’re not coming you could buy a ticket to donate to a student, if you were so inclined.)  Contact Cheryl at the CCS office to purchase your ticket.

The next day, March 26, is the Annual Service of Celebration.  Come worship with the graduates and honour this year’s Companion of the Centre, Linda Ervin.

In the Beginning Were the Logos

Continuing our goal of presenting 125 pictures to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Centre for Christian Studies, here is a look back at some of the logos that have represented the school over the years.  (Thank you to Sharilynn Upsdell and her masters thesis “Evolving Symbols, Evolving Ministry: An Exploration of Diaconal Symbols in the United Church of Canada” for some of the background on these images.) Continue reading “In the Beginning Were the Logos”

An Open Heart on the Border

Since the beginning of the year, more than a hundred refugees have crossed into Manitoba seeking asylum.  Fearful of how the new American administration will affect their chances at finding safe haven, they have been walking across the US/Canada border, often for hours through waist-deep snow and freezing temperatures.

CCS student Jordan Basso is in ministry at a three-point United Church pastoral charge near the border, including the town of Emerson.  “It has certainly been an interesting and exciting time to be in ministry,” says Jordan. Continue reading “An Open Heart on the Border”

Program Review Face-to-Face

Last week the CCS Program Review Coordinating Team, the Integrated Program Working Group, and the CCS staff all met at Woodsworth House in Winnipeg for three days to discuss the future shape of the Centre for Christian Studies’ program.  Various teams and working groups have been meeting over the past year, usually by skype or conference call, to research, explore, and discuss different key aspects of what it means to educate people for ministry.  This was the first chance for some of major players in the program redesign to meet face to face. Continue reading “Program Review Face-to-Face”

Dream Job

CCS principal Maylanne Maybee writes…

Maylanne MaybeeAs the search gets underway for a new principal, I’ve heard from some, “Oh, I could never do that job!”     I remember when I thought the same thing. About six years ago I had lost a job, needed and wanted another one, and had pinned all my hopes on a position near Toronto, where I lived, which I was sure “had my name on it.”

Well, I was wrong.  I did not get my “dream job”.  In the mean time I had been approached by the Centre for Christian Studies Search Committee, asking me to think about applying for the Principal position or help them find suitable candidates.  “I could never do that job!” thought I, “at least not now. And not in Winnipeg!” Continue reading “Dream Job”